While I’m waiting for the Democrats to elect a liberal President*…

Well, in my absence, what’ve I missed? Not one whole hell of a lot. The sabre rattling continues…..
North Korea wants us to think war is imminent and, um, I guess someone out there is believing it. I think Jong-Il has finally had one Enzyte commercial too many myself….. (Sorry, the ass muppet is a Bond villain – I refuse to give him any more respect than that.)
The US punks out on North Korea. “The line is drawn” or some such empty nonsense – what, did I hear someone say sanctions? From who? We don’t exactly do a vast amount of business with them you know. Calling for sanctions on N. Korea is like threatening to cut someone’s crack off when they don’t do drugs.
Either way, it leaves the dealer holding their genitalia, which isn’t quite dignified.
Tell that to the state department, which spent lots of last week being unable to pick which position they were supposed to be on. I suppose some people don’t see much difference in being unable to pick a tie to wear to work and this. They probably voted for Obama…..

Meanwhile, the Defense Department still hasn’t learned that in the absence of information the people’s minds fill in the blanks just fine. The media, by the way, is fired. Gone is all talk of how wrong torture is….the only thing CNN, Fox, ABC, or any of the majors (save MSNBC which I can no longer see) seem interested in is whether or not The Defense Department Approved Enhanced Intelligence Gathering Techniques (you know, TORTURE) are “effective” or not.
And people wonder why I have no faith on my fellow humans….

Also – and it’s about time – GM is bankrupt. No fanfare, just glad all that pointless biblical handwringing is over.

Sorry for the tardiness of my update, we’re still functionally homeless, living out of a hotel – and the wife is in the late stages of a Warcraft addiction, making the one working laptop we have…..precious. Speaking of which, she sent me the Best Link Ever yesterday – Psychiatrists are moving to classify bitterness as a mental illness.
Remember, happiness is a chemical condition.

* because they really didn’t get one. My present assessment of Mr. Obama is a naked populist who is petrified of making any permanent lasting controversial decisions. Rather like the last Democratic President (You know, Bill?) save that Bill was somewhat more decisive at times.
Wow that makes him look bad doesn’t it?
In any case, please don’t mistake this for some wacky desire for an actually liberal president to come to pass. While I consider the stupid democrats less odious than the stupid republicans, that by no means should be read as an endorsement.


~ by Auntie Ranty on June 1, 2009.

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