120 seconds

North Korea claims to have conducted a nuclear test and the media eats it up…because North Kore is right next to President Bush in the dictionary listing of “credibility.” (Which does bring to mind an interesting point. The Bush administration was real big on “North Korea does not have nuclear weapons” which, of course, was and remains bullshit. I’m wondering what the Obama administration’s stance is – i.e. do they dwell in reality?)

How soon til we invade? Oh wait, that’s right, NO OIL. So we won’t.

Speaking of Obama, he’s selected a gravedigger for NASA though speculation about NASA having a future involving real space exploration and utilization seem overly optimistic. We still don’t have a replacement anywhere in sight for the Shuttles, which will be flying their final flight next year.
Of especial humor – the article asks about “Bush’s” plan for manned expedition to Mars – which is the same plan suggested by (of all people) Dan Quayle during his time as VP….which is just a regurgitation of the exact same plan suggested by Spiro Fucking Agnew – “Man on Mars by 1988!” Yeah, that happened.


I don’t think this is a real bus ad, but what I’d give for it to have been so.


~ by Paradox Chao on May 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “120 seconds”

  1. I also like that bus. At least it’s attacking religion and not God.

    • Quite. Mind you, attacking religion is rather akin to shooting fish in a barrel. 😉 (But then, the same can be said for any human belief.)

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