Life in Obamaland Day 119

I intended to start this with a sign of the oncoming end of the universe by mentioning Penn Gillette on Glenn Beck until I hit the internet and found that it was, in fact a rerun. Ah well, I guess the Large Hadron Collider destroyed all life on earth after all.
Still, any time Penn Gillette argues against heterosexual marriage I want to have his baby a little more.

Despite US attempts, photographs slip through their fingers.

So, by raising the price of a car by 1200 dollars we can bail out the auto industry – oh I’m sorry am I supposed to be regarding this as a step forward in energy policy? Because this is a shoddy attempt at trying to write off an auto industry specific bailout as something that it isn’t. If they don’t have the existing infrastructure to do this then who’s paying for it? The government.

The FBI is finally getting comfortable using the Patriot Act – a Seven page report (Warning – pdf) submitted to Congress today detailed 24,744 people who were targeted for warrentless surveillance by the Fed under the Act’s provisions in 2008, up from 16,804 in 2007.

On that note, I’m off to contemplate human extinction


~ by Paradox Chao on May 19, 2009.

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