When all things began, the brand name already was. The brand name dwelt with God, and what God was, Disneyland

Have you read the NY Times 35 minute interview with Obama? You should.
Especially considering he’s opted to continue perpetuating Bush era policies. It is alleged that he’s reinstating military tribunals in favor of actual litigation….but making lots of empty promises regarding greater rights for the accused. Because that makes up for the last seven years. Or something that is only true in his mind.
As it turns out, aides have made a statement that Yes, some GitMo detainees will face tribunals. That’s very ambiguous terminology, which seems to be an increasing hallmark of the Obama administration, especially when it doesn’t want to admit something.
You know, I’m starting to think that what is happening with the Obama presidency is that we’re beginning to see how unprepared he really was for the job he now has. A common observation very early in the campaign was that he lacked enough experience. Which looked at one way is a plus. But I think we’re beginning to see the downside of that.
The recent way he has ham handed his way into the abortion debate is a fine example. He is, in some socially contentious issues (TBLG issues among them) apparently terrified of making a definitive stance…and when he does do so, he concedes to both sides but commits to neither. (The Notre Dame thing is funny because, had he handled it just a liiiiiitle differently, could have been epic. But it fell short, and his silence since encourages all the talking heads talk in the soup.)
And yet we’re waiting on those campaign promises Mr. President. Tick tick tick tick….

Blackwater back to its old tricks oh, that’s right they’re called “Xe” now. Either way the score is the same – two civillians dead.

After yesterday’s announcement by Chrysler, GM announces it will be closing 1100 auto dealerships and I can’t help but wonder what happens when all of these creepy guys that sell cars for a living are unleashed on the workforce. In the short term I suspect they’ll wind up telemarketing. Don’t answer your phone.
Either way, in the case of both GM and Chrysler, I’ve got to wonder how much easier it would be to sack one of those million dollar vice presidents instead of close down their franchises.

The U.S. is dispatching special forces ops to Cambodia er, I mean Pakistan. Just remember *we* are the country that destabilized Pakistan, the reason why they’re now in civil war….and Obama’s engagement policy is near identical to Bush’s Iraq policy.

How’s that for Friday afternoon cheer? Don’t forget to donate to the Make-a-Fish Foundation, an utterly fictitious body dedicated to fighting the nonsense that is intelligent design.


~ by Auntie Ranty on May 15, 2009.

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