It’s great to be back

well, hopefully. Still straddling the line of being one of those damned “statistics” cited in evening news reports, but my head is yet above water. Damnit.
Not, to say, that much has changed in my absence. For example, Nancy Pelosi is just as full of shit as she was in 2006. Being the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee c. 2002 she attended a briefing on, yes, torture. Having since been called out on this, of course, she’s screaming that she was misled.
I could address this with a series of points but why? Ultimately it boils down to

“We were told that they had legal opinions that it was legal and were not told about other legal opinions to the contrary,” Pelosi said of the briefings

Ah, so it was LEGAL? Right-o. Because a fucking congressperson is just going to, you know, take the CIAs word for it that something like this is of course legal.
But more to the point – who gives a set of dingos kidneys if it’s legal or not? I’d at this point like to lump the current ‘debate’ about whether or not it was effective into the same pot – Torture is wrong regardless of whether or not it’s legal or if it gives intel. Period. End of discussion.

Nancy Pelosi has, of course, felt the need to pull on the asskicking handle in my absence – because hey, it’s not her fault, she was misled. I’d like to instigate at this point a policy whereby public officials get thrown out onto the street without pay or benefit whenever they site how something could not possible be their fault. Dodging out of your own responsibilities stops being a life skill when you gain high office. Unless you are a teenager or a gothy emo fry cook at Dennys in your twenties with no life ambitions, I don’t want to hear that shit.

In related news, it’s apparently perfectly okay for the Obama administration to just refuse to disclose further details and information about “prisoner abuse” (TORTURE) and sweep it under the rug.
And, more infuriatingly, watch the democrat lapdogs who voted for this guy stammer and mumble trying to justify how The One is incapable of error. (What, he’s the Obama 9000? I don’t think so.) The “Left”s precious Obama is now actively dodging the ACLU. Why? Ah yes, to protect Dick Cheney and his cronies. Why? (Again, I gotta wonder what Dick has on Obama….)

Okay, so the photos would provide incontrovertible proof that these things not only happened at Abu Grahib but also happened at GitMo, and happen in Afghanistan. Nice.
See, to release these photos – it would stir anti-American feeling and endanger the troops. His words. Look, the only anti-American feeling it’s going to generate is amongst AMERICANS. Rightfully so. And how will it endanger the troops exactly?
Jesus Christ Mister President, why don’t you just ask us why we hate freedom you jackass.
What else can I add to that?


~ by Paradox Chao on May 14, 2009.

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