Barrack Obama:: Tool-in-Chief

No folks, it’s not part of some “master plan.”
He certainly wasn’t “biding his time, so as to go after those ultimately responsible.”
No, Barrack Obama just wants to pretend it didn’t ever happen. All of those crunchy “he’s really secretly doing some good thing here” arguments I heard after he extended protections to the CIA (what about Blackwater?) just evaporated like a bad fart. He’s now pointedly not going after those responsible for the decisions made – even though, by law, he’s kind of REQUIRED TO DO SO. I’m sure he’ll site some kind of “Not wanting to start a partisan something something” kind of ‘argument’. Citing bipartisanship as trumping ethics makes you a tool.
I say, hey, who besides Barrack Obama can I vote for in 2012? Anyone? My vote is available…..

Most bizarre of all, Dick Cheney just can’t shut the fuck up. He wants to – yes, I’m serious – he’s asking for more documents to be declassified (which, remember, leads to the “Terrorists winning!”)…to prove that torture gets results.
Do the ends justify the means?
NO, they do NOT. Thus and so, Dick, your argument, true or false, has no validity. Zero, zip, nada, none. Dare I say it, you’ve got dick.

I guess, in some kind of attempt to change the subject, Obama has told the cabinet to cut 100 million dollars out of the budget. (Hey it could be worse, the last time a President needed a distraction we invaded Iraq. The last time prior to that, we bombed the shit out of a bunch of factories that may or may not have belonged to al-queda. Of course, that didn’t help Mr. Clinton. Maybe the current democrat will have better luck.) Seriously, this comes out of absolutely nowhere. He gets off the plane and…bang, “hey guys let’s cut another hundred million.”
Guessing those insipid tea bagging things did something, huh? Though how “Taxation” = “excessive spending” I still can’t fathom. Perhaps the GOP Secret Decoder wheel I got in my box of Right Wing Crunch will help it make sense.
(Because really, that “protest” was about as cohesive and well thought out as, um, a “democratic protest” – you know, the kind we had for about eight years. That worked out well.)

U.S. Rep. Jane Harman busted for being on the take. Gee, Israel, smoooooooooooooooth.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that sources said Harman, D-Calif., was caught on a U.S. government wiretap telling an Israeli agent she would help AIPAC officials acing espionage charges.
The newspaper reported the Israeli agent promised to lobby House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also D-Calif., who then was the House minority leader, to appoint Harman as chairwoman of the House Intelligence Committee once Democrats gained control of Congress

BUSted. Time has been alleging this for something like three years. Though if she’s really been talking to Israeli intelligence then I expect she’ll be dead before she can be found guilty.

Stephen Hawking rushed to the hospital after some weeks of sickness. Here’s hoping that he’s okay.


~ by Auntie Ranty on April 20, 2009.

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