A Myth of the Near Future

I don’t normally do obituaries on here but this will be an exception. (Though I can recall having done at least one. Whatever.)

Town-scapes are changing. The open-plan city belongs in the past — no more ramblas, no more pedestrian precincts, no more left banks and Latin quarters. We’re moving into the age of security grilles and defensible space. As for living, our surveillance cameras can do that for us. People are locking their doors and switching off their nervous systems.
The BBC reports that J.G. Ballard has died. I first found his work through Michael Moorcock but didn’t really get a taste for his work until last year. The author of Crash, Why I want to fuck Ronald Regan (the last included as part of The Atrocity Exhibition which ought to be required reading) and many many other works was once spoken of, in a review, “This author is beyond psychiatric help. Do Not Publish!” which means he was probably doing something right.
Watching the way Wiki entries get rewritten when someone dies is really really morbid. And by that I mean fascinating.


~ by Auntie Ranty on April 20, 2009.

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