Wednesday Evening Biscuits

Pakistan calls bullshit on U.S. … and there was much rejoicing as I’ve been waiting years to see this or similar happen. Iran did the same later on but in a special backhanded sort of way.
Newsflash – President Obama you can’t just flash your Obama smile and make the last eight (twelve…twenty eight…fifty) years go away magically. As good a game as you’ve talked (incessantly) it’s time for you to deliver on that “gaining the world’s respect” thing…it’s not going to be easy.
Speaking of which, Spain, I’m waiting. Please be my hero and make as giant a stink as possible. Really – at the least it will show just how invested the Obama administration isn’t in seeing justice. At most, it will put the heat on Cheney and the rest of those smug bastards.

And in the I’m apparently in the wrong damn state department, New Hampshire passes transgender rights protections into law – by one vote. Mind, it deals with “the bathroom issue” and Not A Damn Thing Else (and really, is this where the focus of our struggle should be? I think not)…but there are similar bills, in varying degrees of activity, in both Massachusetts & Connecticut.

So poopoo on the Prebublickan Potty Patrol.


~ by Auntie Ranty on April 8, 2009.

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