Marriage, dating, and the vacuum seal of the economy

The Iowa supreme court decided today in favor of legalized same-gender marriage. Wait…..Iowa? Keep at this and they’ll kick you out of the I-states club. (Yes, Iowa.) This activity puts them over the top ahead of Vermont, who voted 94-52 in favor of non heterosexual marriage which is two votes short of what’s needed to override a veto by the state governor, who has promised to do just that. I guess someone had to pee in the cereal, neh?
Yeah, that veto override is already in the planning stages. I hear they’re talking Tuesday.

But don’t whip out the whippits just yet, the U.S. unemployment rate is at it’s highest since November 1983. 1983. Since the year of bloody flashdance. Just to put it in perspective*.

I suspect the complete truth is impossible to discern without having been there but some rather surprisingly stupid actions by Bay area Burners led to the lesson that despite good intentions, no, you can’t walk into any door hippie. And no, you can’t. For a change, I don’t have much to add to that, just read it for yourself.

eHarmony opens Gay and Lesbian dating venues but please don’t support them – the only reason the sanctimonious fucks are doing so is because, well, of a law suit. They *have* to.
Or maybe we should dogpile them. I dunno. I think I’d rather eat my own flesh than do anything to feed the nonsense that is a dating site and the paradigm that goes with it (You there, single person, you are useless if you are alone! I HATE that shit.) but part of me finds some crude appeal in making that the most profitable part of their business, just so they can feel the burn. But my kneejerk is to tell them to fly a kite and hope they hemmorage cash.

And because the whole entire world media seems to be sucking on a crack pipe in an echo chamber with this Obama goes to G20 thing, here, have a video. Then shut up about it.

By the way, what was accomplished at G20? Some photo-ops? A sanctimonious “town meeting” thing? Eight billion versions of OMGWTFGLG20iPoD!?
At all?

Ah, the Wall Street Journal I knew it wouldn’t let me down.
Wait, what’d they accomplish?

*(Rejected examples included Xtro, Return of the Jedi, the Strategic Defense Initiative, the War on Drugs, and since a lab in France discovered a virus.)


~ by Auntie Ranty on April 3, 2009.

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