Canoodling with the Enemy

I find that “libertarian” as a word and as an ideological concept is inching up close and right behind “socialism” as a word being presently appropriated by those who lack any real understanding of what the word means. Of particular example I direct you to the Sam Adams Alliance which is apparently neo-con code for “listen to Michelle Malkin speak.”
Sorry I think I have to rearrange my sock drawer that night.

Proposed House climate bill has no fangs – a cap and trade plan that was audacious when first introduced c. 1990 with a few other, fairly random, elements tacked on.
If wishing made it so I’d petition the universe for a passel of climate scientists (hell, scientists period) to run for Congress. That would make me happy. (I can entertain myself with dreams of the “Science Party” surrounded by an art deco future later when it’s bed time.)

If naught else, it would (I hope) put a stop – or at least a crimp – in the Fifth grade antics between the two mobs of angry civics examples on capital hill.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The partisan sniping over President Barack Obama’s expensive 2010 budget plan became a battle of posters and charts in a show-and-tell debate on the U.S. Senate floor on Tuesday.
Republican and Democratic senators paraded to the floor to supplement their debate over Obama’s $3.55 trillion budget with stacks of posters blasting exploding deficit figures as well as highlighting lists of tax cut benefits.

There’s more but I can summarize it for you.
Majority: blah blah harumph open government we’re spending this money FOR THE FUTURE rhubarb harumph.
Minority: blah blah tax and spend harumph Jesus rhubarb freedom blah blah.
Conversely, you could get a monkey (or a six year old – functionally little difference I guess), wire them up on crack and have them bounce up and down screaming “LOOK AT MY CHART!!!!”

The Fed continues trying to strongarm the car companies into acting so that they won’t have to meddle. Nothing much has changed since November IOW.

Israeli installs new PM a giant question mark with the name of Business As Usual which is nowhere near as entertaining as the US having the audacity (after the last eight years especially) to seek election to the UN Human Rights Council because as every democrat knows, it’s easier to fix the outcome when you’re part of the committee. (Mind, the GOP knows the “committee secret” too, but they’re fonder of the three drink lunch aspect I think.)


~ by Auntie Ranty on April 1, 2009.

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