Green Suitcases and Ressurection Clauses

Tell me, is this weekend Zombie-Jesus We-stole-your-holiday day yet? I want to know because I keep seeing media references to it, and I want to know which weekend my wife has off.

Speaking of such nonsense, a Baltimore woman pleads guilty to starvation death of her son. Okay, deplorable and she needs to get hit by a bus, right? The 22 year old woman has co-defendants, allegedly members of a cult with the mail order ‘deals’ in the back of magazines name “1 Mind Ministries.”
It gets better.
The woman is being released from jail in exchange for her cooperation against her co-defendants. This particular plea bargin includes a “process of deprogramming” clause including

the promise that charges will be dropped if 2-year-old Javon Thompson is resurrected. Ramkissoon’s attorney said his client insisted on the clause, which he believes is a first in American legal history, because she still holds out hope that her son will be brought back to life.

Actual law. wtf?
The five named suspects belonged to a small group of adults, and by default, their children, led by someone named Queen Antoinette.

Really – how many drugs do you need to be on to not read the sign on the wall that says “Not In Touch With Reality, Grab Your Kid and Run”???
Apparently, the extremely convincing Queen Antoinette ordered members to withhold food and water from the child, believing he was a demon who did not say “Amen” after he was fed. The rest of the facts of this case involving dancing around the child with a knife and carrying the body in a green suitcase while moving.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 31, 2009.

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