Davy Jones – your locker is full.

After spending the morning catching up on my blog reading, it continues to nauseate and disgust me how many “progressive” people are in favor of genital mutilation on the basis of some Very shaky science*, from people who’ve been trying to find a reason to continue that practice for something like 40 years.
(If someone were to advance the notion that the spread of certain STDs could be reduced by – for example – surgically reducing the external female genitalia, heads. would. roll.)
Anyway, moving on….

Spain will now do with the US seems incapable of doing and good on them. It’s about time – I was starting to wonder if previous “threats” to do this precise sort of thing by certain (say, European) powers were going to come to anything. Well the vote’s not in yet but…..

elsewhere in the EU, France is threatening a G20 walkout (remember, this is the country that just recently decided to re-up their NATO command roll). Seeking a stronger regulator of global finances (well, stronger than the US and it’s Albionese lapdogs would like) it would appear that this is more a case of France (among many other countries) no longer being satisfied with U.S. “leadership” in this arena.
Good work America. France – feel free to provide global leadership for a change.

The New Yorker is running a fascinating piece on Syria and the Middle East peace process. Among the highlights? This lovely bit from The Robot.

“Cheney began getting messages from the Israelis about pressure from Obama” when he was President-elect. Cheney, who worked closely with the Israeli leadership in the lead-up to the Gaza war, portrayed Obama to the Israelis as a “pro-Palestinian,” who would not support their efforts (and, in private, disparaged Obama, referring to him at one point as someone who would “never make it in the major leagues”)

Given the Obama administration’s Mid-eastern policies, I think they’d nothing to worry about – BAU. But it’s not like Cheney has ever had anything to say – here he’s being ironic by being the mouthpiece for the GOP party line c. January 2009. Ironic as the GOP has spent the last eight years being his ass puppet.

Really though can I just say that somehow Cheney wins with the phrase “perfidious Albion”. (Which is so far removed from reality as to be comic. “Albion” has been supping on the cock of the US State Department for decades.)

Obama goes Clinton on DADT

And by “goes Clinton” I mean – fails to live up to campaign promises.

And finally, in an utterly unsurprising turn, Neocon godboy wingnut changes tracks and becomes Democrat. Gotta get out of those tax woes somehow.
No really. That’s why he changed. Such integrity.

* see if you can identify all of the instances of bias in that article.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 31, 2009.

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