Expectation breeds weakness

ACK! I’ve been working over this entry about the class meme for nigh over a month now and it’s just become this meandering mess of piss and content without form. Frustrating, moreso by the fact that the thrust of what I was trying to say has gotten lost in the morass – probably because there’s still a lot to think about there. Trying to capture the slipsteam of thoughts on the subject(s) – plural because it’s really so much more than just the one thing – is next to impossible. I may butcher what I’ve got and post it up but I doubt seriously it will make any sense to anyone, myself included…..

Anyway, I’ve been pretty sorely remiss in this space for a bit now, and there’s a bit of a backlog. Still trying to play catch up. We’ll see how successful that is.

Apparently the log cabin republicans are finally getting my telepathic messages or they’re reading this blog or maybe they’re back in touch with the mothership. One t’other. After decades of trying so earnestly to prove to the “adult” GOP that hey, they can reach the bar – no really – so why can’t I have a beer?! it would seem possible that maybe they’re done sacrificing their selves and identity on the altar of acceptance. Good for them.
Hope it lasts longer than five minutes.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield removes Gender Reassignment Surgery from offered coverage. Wait, it was covered? Given that I’m still – constantly – amazed that any insurance will cover it (and cover it as something other than elective surgery) at all, I’m not sure what to think. I know that should this liberal dream concept of “universal health care” come to pass (and I do say if) I expect something akin to a razorblade shit storm where it comes to things like GRS. (Interested in reading more – Bilerico has a piece on this here.)
I remain steadfast in my belief that insurance companies combined with credit companies pretty much add up to the worst parts of the Judeo-Christian conception of Satan.

China is furious at a new US report (and whoo tee doo with a side of “how is this news exactly?”) – in short, the Pentagon engages in light hyperbole (as it, being the US Government, is wont to do) which, much like the facts that the Pentagon is spinning, contradict the pseudo-Maoist Propaganda Machine.
You know, actually, don’t bother reading the article – it’s all either so transparently obvious or just political posturing. I’m not sure why I grabbed the thing in the first place. If I were less inclined to laziness I’d delete any mention of it.

The Deconstruction of Privacy continues. The tech curve is rapidly eroding the once considered solid talking point when defining the point of privacy. And we’re all doing everything possible to help erode it faster.
I’m fine with living in a glass dome that you all can see as long as I can see the rest of you, ‘kay? I’m very much with the author of the piece linked to in that I think privacy should be a basic human right, and to me it is, but ….. I think that, like it or not, that kind of thinking is about 20 years too late.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 30, 2009.

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