Plate o’ Shrimp (Delayed)

For some reason this post has been sitting in limbo for the better part of a week. Not that you’re missing out on anything by it’s absence mind……

Marriage equality bill likely to pass Vermont house, Governor likely to veto – while in New Hampshire, a similar measure having failed on Thursday is being voted on again today ….. but then goes on to zorch a bill enacting certain protections for transgendered folk.
What a mixed up batch today, eh?

Barney Frank called Antony Scalia homophobic – you know what, big deal! That Scalia is probably homophobic is a fact is so underwhelming so as to be beneath notice save for the loftiness of his position. Barney Frank? Hey, he’s transphobic – so what the hell should I care?

Geithner’s regulatory agenda:

The media is aflutter about this radical new idea President Obama has unveiled. I call it a messageboard. Seriously – that we finally have a President who isn’t a luddite with values and vision from the 1940s is commendable but for fuck’s sake, it’s not like he’s reinvented the wheel. (And no, Bill Clinton having read Nicholson Baker does not count.)


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 29, 2009.

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