Agape, and full of surrender

Yes I’m behind a few days, sue me.

Piffle headed environmentalists hail ‘Earth Hour’ as a big success Yesterday lots of people (and moreover, lots of businesses and other private concerns) turned their lights off to, er, say….something. I think it was “global warming is bad, mmkay?”
We know that. Enough with the rhetoric. You want to do something about global warming? Try keeping those damn lights off. Like most ‘activists’ many environmentalists don’t so much as want change as something to bitch about. I guess living without those lights would be too hard and/or expensive, neh?
Yeah, que the dismissive attitude.

Federal Election Commission has found the PAC of five TARP recipients has doled out 85 grand to members and that’s just by the end of February.

A NEWSWEEK review of recent filings with the Federal Election Commission found that the political action committees of five big TARP recipients doled out $85,300 to members in the first two months of this year—with most of the cash going to those who serves on committees who oversee the TARP program. Among them: Bank of America (which got $15 billion in bailout money) sent out $24,500 in the first two months of 2009, including $1,500 to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and another $15,000 to members of the House and Senate banking panels. Citigroup ($25 billion) dished out $29,620, including $2,500 to House GOPWhip Eric Cantor, who also got $10,000 from UBS which, while not a TARP recipient, got $5 billion in bailout funds as an AIG “counterparty.” “This certainly appears to be a case of TARP funds being recycled into campaign contributions,” says Brett Kappel, a D.C. lawyer who tracks donations. (A spokesman for Cantor did not respond to requests for comment. A spokeswoman for Hoyer said it’s his “policy to accept legal contributions.”)

Surely, change you can believe in. A bank lobbyist that didn’t (‘natch) want to be identified said, ‘The last thing I want to do is wake up one morning and see our PAC check being burned on C-Span.’ Which is sad because that’s the first thing I want to see, ever, on C-Span.

An interesting yet abhorrent article in Time suggests that faith is the act of powering down* the parietal lobe which is redeeming for the body – but just because it’s biology doesn’t mean it’s good. Jealousy doesn’t do anyone any good either – nor hardwired territoriality, nor a thousand such things. Primates are just wired to do stupid things.

More good news – apparently, there really are other people taking Obama to task about his ‘war on terror’ policy

Hey, Let’s Give Tim Geithner MORE power – oh, too late. Yeah about that. 90% of the TARP funds are committed out – how long before the corporate begging bowls get rattled again? Weeks I’d reckon. Months at most. Geithner of course defends his own actions (Did you expect him not to? Okay, yes, me too a little.)

North Korea is still waving that missile launch around like a giant dildo – and Japan is deploying guided three missile destroyers … just in case. South Korea is warning them away, and of course the US State department does nothing. Hey, they’re good at that. So far I think the latest N. Korean propaganda attempt can be classed as Total Victory.

* like many so-called environmentalists I suspect.


~ by Paradox Chao on March 29, 2009.

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