ubi dubium ibi libertas

What is with all of this media attention that the drug war in Mexico is getting – oh, wait, that’s right, there’s that memo that says “fixing the economy is hard, let’s get distracted” from, er, the American people to the powers that be….democratic.
Right, because the Drug War (Whoo!) has only been going on in Mexico for about ten minutes. Sure.
Hey, I’m not the one drinking the bong water, okay?

Obama still trying to contain skepticism on economic plans. I know it would certainly be convenient if everything revolved around AiG Mr. Obama, but it doesn’t. Part of the outrage over AiG is that the American people, who generally display very sheeple-like attitudes regarding bad news, know on some level that the AiG nonsense is only the visible slivers of a much larger problem. It’s not confined to AiG. Businesses are reluctant to work with the government – they fear increased regulation, they (in many cases) don’t want to give up their cushy less-than-legal practices….and at the end of the day, the Federal government has no business running a business. Any of them. (C’mon, again, the proof rolls in that Whenever Tim Geithner speaks the market tumbles.) The Federal government is notoriously bad at spending money wisely.

Some people seem more aware of this than others. The President of the EU calls Obama’s stimulus package “a way to hell”. The rest of the EU is scurrying to appear united and not upset the delicate sensibilities of the market (what, are fiscal traders made of fine china now?) at next week’s G-20 summit. The signal to noise ratio of many in the EU who are shuffling to agree with Obama before next week is a familiar sound – there’s the usual bunch of stuffed shirts wanting to keep as much of the wealth in their corner in the old ways for as long as possible.
G20, when the industrialized countries, and their lapdogs, tell the rest of the world how it’s going to be. Another wonderful vestige of colonial privilege. (For more on the G20, click here.)

Speaking of Europe, it would seem that dissatisfaction is not limited to the U.S. Israeli-Europe ties appear to be deteriorating. But perhaps that’s again just signs that people are getting sick of their shabby crap. And with good reason, too.

The European governments generally accept the Israeli narrative on the Gaza war: It was legitimate self-defense against an Iranian-backed outpost of anti-Western jihadism. By contrast, the European media and public opinion sympathized more with the Palestinian narrative: that Israel used disproportionate force, causing the deaths of large numbers of innocent civilians.

If the Bush presidency was good for anything, I think it may be proven with time to have finally put the nail in the coffin of the U.S. as an unquestioned world leader that the rest of the west will unhesitatingly follow the lead of. Not, in my estimation, a bad thing necessarily.

But hey, not to worry – North Korea has what is believed to be a long range ballistic missile on the launch pad right now – those are the things that (can) throw mystery items like nukes around. Again, like the Bush administration previously, the government is sticking their head in the sand (and their ass in the air) and hoping N. Korea will just go away or something.
Pretext of WMD? Invade and occupy the country for six + years. Increasing likelihood of actually WMD? Ignore it.
In any case, I expect this is just another example of N. Korea fucking around to watch the US Media react. Well, that or sometime soon I will be replaced by a thermonuclear cloud. Cheerful, eh?


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 25, 2009.

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