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US home resales mysteriously up in February – the mysteriously isn’t mine. I think someone finally realized “hey, houses are ten thousand dollars!” (Last I checked, similar stories were emanating from both Detroit and from Atlanta.)

After much speculation Geithner unveils his master plan, creation of a new entity which will combine resources (funding, legal ability? Of course, he doesn’t say.) with the FDIC, the Federal reserve, andunspecified private companies. The so-called Public Investment Corp. will then purchase one trillion dollars in toxic assets from banks.
Oh, it will also be funded by 75 – 100 billion from TARP.

The initiative will seek to entice private investors, including big hedge funds, to participate by offering billions of dollars in low-interest loans to finance the purchases and also sharing risks if the assets fall further in value.
When Geithner released the initial outlines of the administration’s overhaul of the bank rescue program on Feb. 10, the markets took a nosedive. The Dow Jones industrial average plunged by 380 points as investors expressed disappointment about a lack of details.

Aside from increasing funding for US Black Hole research, I don’t see what the point of this is aside from moving money around (thus ensuring more chances exist to dip ones fingers in the well – ‘sharing the wealth’) and appearing to do something.

Obama appears on 60 minutes in brief – Geithner has job security…..for some reason, and he may be rethinking his Afghanistan strategy (pity that he’s already spent billions on the latter. Well, on the former too actually). Mr. Obama, you were on Jay Leno but recently and now 60 minutes. Your effort to win hearts and minds is transparent. Please return to the work of government. Oh, and lose Geithner – stat.

Or not. Our tech savy leader has, by action, declared George Bush “the Innovator” by adopting Bush’s policy position on file sharing – 150,000$ fine per track – So I must ask, how does the teat of the recording industry taste? (And really, “per track” – so I suppose stealing books or magazines or something one, you know, reads, isn’t illegal? That’s Bush Logic.)

The position — that the Copyright Act’s monetary damages are not unconstitutionally excessive — mirrors the one taken by the Bush administration and should come as no surprise.
Two top lawyers in President Barack Obama’s Justice Department are former RIAA lawyers: Donald Verrilli Jr. is the associate deputy attorney general who brought down Grokster and fought to prevent a retrial in the Jammie Thomas case. Then there’s the No. 2 in the DOJ, Tom Perrilli. As Verrilli’s former boss, Perrilli argued in 2002 that internet service providers should release customer information to the RIAA even without a court subpoena.
Presidential administrations often intervene in lawsuits in which the constitutionality of a federal law is in question. This case concerns a former Boston University student challenging a peer-to-peer file sharing case.
Still, parts of the government’s brief sounded as if it was taken from the RIAA’s public relations playbook.

A summary of the ruling can be found in pdf here (though I do warn – the ‘summary’ is 39 pages.) You can like it, or hate it, consider it theft or not, but the technology isn’t going back in the bottle. But in America it’s apparently still very fashionable for Big Media to fight the future.

Moving on…..
The Pope responds to cries of GITFO and leaves Africa. It heartens me somewhat to know that the RCC has come under immense amounts of fire since The “Doddering old man who doesn’t want anything to change even if people die” Pope was allowed to open his yammerhole and spill toxic crap into the ears of thronging African masses. Personally I’m just glad he’s left Africa and thus won’t be appearing in public there any longer saying stupid shit. Regrettably, he will be returning to the Vatican to continue issuing increasingly irrelevant statements to the world.

U.S. Senator indicted on charges of slashing his girlfriend’s face with glass in a jealous rage. Freshman senator Hiram Monserrate, 41 and an ex police officer was indicted by a grand jury on three counts of second degree felony assault and three counts of third degree misdemeanor assault. If convicted, he faces up to 7 years in prison. Senator Monserrate was arrested after Karla Giraldo’s face was slashed at his New York city home on December 19 of last year.

The gash over her eye required 25 stitches. Both said it was an accident.
Monserrate, who was in Albany on Monday for a legislative session, issued a statement saying he did not commit a crime.
“I’ve said all along this was accident. Karla has said all along this was accident. The district attorney’s politically motivated decision to pursue this case doesn’t change the fact that this was an accident,” he said.
Monserrate told police he tripped while holding a glass of water and that the glass accidentally hit Giraldo.

Holding a glass of water? The glass slipped when he tripped? Not a crime? I hope this jackass cooks.

A new UN report claims that Israel targeted civillians in Gaza. “Civilian targets, particularly homes and their occupants, appear to have taken the brunt of the attacks, but schools and medical facilities have also been hit,” reported Radhika Coomaraswamy, the U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict. The report is bursting with human rights abuses. Some of the highlights.

In one, she said, Israeli soldiers shot a father after ordering him out of his house and then opened fire into the room where the rest of the family was sheltering, wounding the mother and three brothers and killing a fourth.
In another, on January 15, at Tal al Hawa south-west of Gaza City, Israeli soldiers forced an 11-year-old boy to walk in front of them for several hours as they moved through the town, even after they had been shot at.

Of course despite the report laying some of the blame at Hamas as well, Israeli diplomats continue to insist that this is all part of a pattern of ‘demonizing Israel’ (because any criticism is clearly ‘demonizing’).

Following a few things up from last week
D.C. Health officials state HIV infection is serious but not critical – the shocking part is that apparently the 3% infection rate is accurate. While dismissing a lot of what was said last week as hyperbole, they did site improved antiviral therapies and longer lifespans as being largely responsible for that 3% figure.

Detained US reporters likely being held in Pyongyang. A press release issued Saturday accused two Americans of illegal intruding into its territory after crossing the border from China, word of which hit the internet late Tuesday. A South Korean missionary identified the two women as Laura Ling and Euna Lee, reporters for Current TV.


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