A tin of biscuits

Full and equal rights – for all African men who wish to emulate conservative European men.

Speaking in Angola, the Pope condemns “corruption” ranting against the number of non-democratic tyrannies scattered about the continent. Of course, he also repeated his words from Cameroon that modern culture is ‘destroying traditional African family values’ (which are not, I should mention, Catholic) and equated abortion with sexual violence.
I’m sure his vision for a democratic and prosperous Africa does not involve any significant role for women, features reinforced dominant male gender roles, a hate for sexual minorities and non-Catholics, as well as advocating that all lands adopt a European cultural model.

Sacrimento Hooverville coming down – but those involved are allegedly being moved into apartments, shelters, and “other accomodations.”

Some stories portrayed Tent City as a modern day Hooverville, a reference to the shanty towns built by homeless men driven into poverty during the Great Depression. With foreclosure rates in the Sacramento region among the highest in the nation, the ragtag camp has been depicted as a symbol of the economic meltdown — people who’d lost their homes and were suddenly pitching tents along
a riverbed.
The truth is somewhat less dramatic.
Although a sliver of the roughly 200 Tent City residents are recently middle class people who lost their homes, the overwhelming majority — 80 to 90 percent by several estimates — have been homeless for years, even decades.

Here’s a local news item on the Tent City from last week:

It remains to be seen how civilized this will actually be – and how much news that will or will not generate. Sad to say, no one seems much to be mentioning the pre-existing homeless problem, only that of the middle-class suddenly faced with a dwindling economy.

The Treasury Department is running job postings for experts on Executive Bonuses. Officially, the ads were placed in October to fill jobs for the bailout (but they run until this Saturday). The job postings list duties like “recovery of bonuses” and ” limitations on senior executives” – maybe if they’d filled those positions the DoT wouldn’t be in this mess.
Or not.
Again, hiring til Saturday. I doubt you could possibly do a worse job than Timothy Geithner


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 20, 2009.

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