That’s days. Another way of framing it would be six years.
We’re still in Iraq. That’s 2,192 days since it was still very much the general perception that it was shameful to speak out against this bullshit war. That’s 4,259 casualties since this day in 2003. When Apophis rolled into Mesopotamia.
Six years ago today, I came in to work and read an article in the San Angelo Standard Times about a tank crew which had deployed to the Mid-East in anticipation of action. They’d named their tank, quite appropirately, Apophis. I looked to see if I find the article on-line somewhere but their electronic archives only go back to 2004.
I’ve always wondered what happened to them, in the time since.
4,259 casualties since this day in 2003. 4,120 casualties since Mission Accomplished and 3,798 casualties since one or more actors was arrested as Saddam Hussein (I’m of the opinion that the real guy was quite dead by that point).
3,401 casualties since the Handover in 2004, just in time for Bush to get re-elected. And those are just American dead – the numbers of enemy combatants and “collateral damage” range into the hundreds of thousands.
All so that a cokehead frat boy could convince the American people that he was doing something about terrorism.
For a number of reasons, I’m in a pretty wretched mood today, but let me say that Merriam-Webster have managed to put a giant smile on my face

A debate has been spurred by the possibility of same gender unions in Vermont come September. Much rejoycing.

I reported last night that North Korea is holding a pair of US Journalists near the border with China but the series of tubes gobbled it up. The link works however.

I don’t recall where I got this image, it’s been sitting on my hard drive for a while now (at least three years) but it about sums up my feelings on all of this.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 19, 2009.

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