Portrait of the Blogger while on hold with the IRS

For those of you who have been waiting for it, AiG sings. This document lost all credibility when it used the word ‘transparency’ (Not actually true, it lost all credibility with the term AiG.), and it’s just another pathetic attempt at legitimizing their obfuscation. (Say THAT six times fast.)

I’m sure that even those of you reading this in a cave have seen the Daily Show video – have you watched the unexpurgated version?
Not for the first time and, likely, probably not for the last, but I find myself wonderinf if it’s really appropriate that the least bought off journalism in this country is on the otherwise lame comedy channel?

In what I’m starting to realize is quite deliberate and to be expected, Obama responds to public concerns and makes a show of outrage at AiG

Obama said he had ordered Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to pursue “every single legal avenue” to cancel the bonuses and a Treasury official said later it would modify a planned $30 billion capital infusion for American International Group to try to recoup the bonuses.

Unfortunately he gave it to Geithner. 😛 Seriously – pursue legal action against these assholes. Don’t just cut them off. In related news, it is being cited that Bernanke’s remarks both caused last week’s rally and is heading off a depression. I’m sure the sweet soothing sounds of Bernanke also whiten whites and do dishes. We haven’t had a depression in 70 odd years…but throughout American history (at least since the civil war) that’s unprecedented. Perhaps one is due. Of course, we can legislate it away right. I mean, we can legislate ANYTHING away. No, really.
Well, that’s the democratic party for you. If you artificially manipulate the business cycle, eventually it will correct and it will do so without waiting for some mythical ‘time in which it will be convenient’. Throwing trillions of dollars into an economic meatgrinder to get billions of dollars of returns will not help but it will make sure that the asshats that got us in this mess won’t suffer any deterioration of the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Okay, so – since no one else is asking this question – how long after the US pullout of Iraq will the invasion from Iran be? No really – I don’t buy this nuclear program imminent doom scenario any more than I buy AiGs whiny claptrap above. But it’s increasingly looking as though Iran is laying the groundwork for something. I expect that moving in three to six months after the American pullout (at maximum strife and chaos levels) should be adequate for doubling the geographic size of Iran. And it’s not like the countries don’t have a history of opposition (1980 – 1988).

I’m telling you – the bonobos have the right of it.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 16, 2009.

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