Angry lunch ladies at the Federal Pen


Pretty much how I’m feeling about things Federal today.
One down, a great many more to go – Madoff goes to Jail. This would normally be the time for someone (maybe me, maybe not) making observations regarding off-colour statements like “Federal pound-me-in-the-ass-prison” (thank you Office Space) but guys like him never go to prisons like that.
Not that I’d wish that on him (or anyone), but I think the people that have helped wreck the economy deserve something a little more punishing than a few years at Club Fed.

Reuters tells us that US businesses claim to be hobbled by health care costs well boo fucking hoo. Oh no, treating your employees like fucking human beings is expensive? Is it cutting into your itty bitty balance sheets? Do you want momma to kiss it and make it better?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. business leaders urged lawmakers on Thursday to act quickly on healthcare reform, saying American companies were losing out to other countries with cheaper healthcare and healthier workers.

The real irony here is that if true, then sociaism is beating capitalism in a capitalist competition. Which is one very fucked up football bat. What they don’t mention are the countries that have zero health care at all – often countries that the aforementioned big capitalist crybabies often outsource to.

I know who the GOP Presidential nominee is going to be in 2012 – that’s the only reason I can find to believe that Governor Goodhair is actually refusing 555 million dollars. It’s certainly not a matter of principle (Don’t you have to HAVE principles to make something a matter of them?) This does mean that he refuses to expand unemployment (among other things)…all to make him look good. Not that it matters – I mean George Bush couldn’t handle being Governor (a virtually useless job in Texas) and he was President twice.
If my words bear any truth then I’m afraid I will be looking at another four years of “Fuck the GOP”. Which is sad, because in some ways they are so close.

Charles W. Freeman Jr. turned down for director of national intelligence because he is critical of Israel which I think translates into English as “Isn’t a fucking stooge for Israel” or possibly “Doesn’t consider the US’ job to be getting on it’s knees for Israel at a moment’s notice.” WTF? I don’t understand this slavering goosestepping obedience to Israel. If I were a member of the tinfoil hat brigade, and believed that the world was run by Secret Masters – then I’d have to conclude that the Secret Masters live in Israel and thus control US foreign policy.
Which, now that I read that over again, sounds very much like some kind of Protocols of the Elders of Zion nonsense, so I ought, maybe to shut up before a militia carts me off to Montana to make me watch “The Birth of a Nation.”


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 12, 2009.

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