Security is the new Freedom

Mr. President, could you please see your way clear to upholding this notion of “transparency” please and keep us up to date on the Bagram detention center? Especially as you’ve been so kind as to do something about GitMo?

Judge Bates asked the Bush administration in January 2009 to disclose the number of people being held in Bagram, how many of them were taken into custody outside of Afghanistan, and how many of them were Afghan nationals. The administration responded by classifying the key details as secret and redacted them from the unclassified version of the filing.

The administration has been ordered to provide updated information to the Judge presiding by, well, today. Red Cross estimates average around 550 prisoners, continuing the noble democratic traditions established at GitMo and Abu Ghraib.
Oh wait that’s right I forget that Abu Ghraib is now called the Baghdad Central Prison isn’t it? Rather Blackwater – I mean Xe – like of them.

Since I’m on a security roll – Wired gives us a list of the Ten best uses for RFID tags and you know what? Oppressing the state’s enemies is not actually on there. (And if you can’t read the sarcasm implicit in that statement, try reading the list again.)
Of course, advertisers are far more insidious than the government at emulating Big Brother. (Advertisers, being a business, have to be good at it. Well, unless they’re Citibank.) Google’s new Ad Network knows where you’ve been, and what you do. What’s nice about Google (as opposed to, say, the Federal government) is that they actually tell you what they’re going to do (But then, Google’s never really made any bones over the fact that any privacy you experience over their services is not in fact real and is only the product of a deranged mind.) Google will take us all to hell in the name of convenience and user friendliness.

GOP senator apparently desperate to be placed on Terror Watch List Please, Senator, could you continue upholding your noble tradition of representing Congress just as you have been? Thank you.

Ah nuts! Democrats and republicans cry bipartisanship amidst call for food safety fixes – inspired no doubt by the public peanut panic (have you seen those shit eating Peanuts aren’t evil commercials yet?*), a variety of GOP and Democrat congressfolk are making noise about reforming the FDA to insure increased food safety. Anyone want to take a bet on the reform involving increasing the size and cash allotment of the FDA?

* Oh, would you like to?

Oh, wait, that’s not it.

(No, that’s not it either. Though if you get bored, watch that back to back with an ad sponsored by one of the Tobacco companies. Tres Awesome.)

At first I thought I’d found it when I ran across this propaganda piece disguised as educational materials (propaganda – defined as shaping the way people think about something; some of you call it marketing), but no joy.
In fact, after 45 minutes I’m forced to concede that the commercial in question does not exist on the ‘tubes – I know the ad campaign (it runs every five bloody minutes on Food Network; “Peanuts Energy for the good life”)
However, I did find this. I’ve no idea the actual source, but it’s interesting, ahem, food for thought nonetheless.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 11, 2009.

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