Our time will come…someday I’m told

I don’t think it’s any great secret that I don’t subscribe to the notion that I have to respect my enemies. At some point prior to starting this blog I realized that I’d had it up to here with the whole “moral high ground” – achieving moral superiority over those I disagree with hasn’t been a priority since. Ethics are personal matters and so long as I don’t step over the line I’ve set for myself, there’s no issue.


So, really, can the guy with this sign please just get hit by a truck? A big green one maybe. I’m sure monster trucks rolling over funny cars at truck rallies go out of control from time to time. That would be nice.

See, no moral high ground whatsoever. Try it sometime. It’s liberating.
That above image has gotten a lot of flack but maybe not the kind you think. Many have come down on Dan Savage for questioning it’s authenticity – which is stupid. It’s GOOD to be critical of anything that appears that black and white (or indeed, anything at all). While it does appear to be germane I have to agree with the criticism Equality California for using it to troll for contributions. I’m reminded of the same tactics being used by the ACLU and – most especially – moveon.org. I couldn’t stand them there, I can’t stand them here.
So yes it looks like any chance of overturning prop eight
is just as likely as it was previously which is to say unlikely. But this isn’t going away any time soon. The tactics need to be changed. This sort of thing is a stroke of brilliance and the way to go about things. A lot of the “say no on prop eight” activists seem (to me) to have rather missed the point. We Lost*. Until that sinks in, we’re not going to get anywhere. (It rather pissed me off when the entire nation opted to protest against Prop Eight….weeks after it passed. What was the fucking point of that? Making a statement? IF this sort of thing had been mobilized prior to the election, it would have made law.)

Of course, on this subject’s far side, are things like this – the idea that we should throw the social conservatives a bone in exchange for equal marriage (which they’d never go for anyway) and push for fucking covenant marriage. Because somehow throwing straight Christian women under the bus is worth it? I don’t fucking think so. But this represents the kind of silliness that people will consider, if only for a moment, to achieve this end. (And speaking of people being thrown under a bus to achieve an end – the HRC is apparently simpering to get some of it’s Transgendered support back by allegedly addressing some of our concerns. Not that it matters – they continue to “push” that particular agenda at the same snail’s pace they always have. Fuck the HRC**.)

Mrft. I hadn’t intended on devoting the full post to this. Now my blood’s up. More later perhaps.

* we lost for a number of reasons, but the two no one seems to want to discuss are how we lost because 1. no, not everyone wants equality. It’s not a matter of ‘educating’ them. Some people just aren’t ever going to want that. 2. A significant percentage of the No on Prop eight leadership were timid of appearing ‘too gay’ or angering the voters. Timid has no place in politics.
Oh, and 3. because the TBLG population of California is not a united front and never has been. The ridiculous levels of racism just after the election certainly do not represent my views, but yet that made a lot of news. (As with any group that loses, it’s far easier to blame someone else rather than accept the blame oneself.)

** I’ve always had something of an issue with the HRC – obviously my big breaking point, and that of a lot of others – was when the GENDA was defanged to make the ENDA without so much as a “we’ll get to you later.” But prior to that, I always took some exception to a group calling itself the Human Rights Campaign but only cared about GLBT rights, and generally in that order (and if you’ve been wondering why I flip the acronym around, that’ s one of the reasons why).


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 11, 2009.

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