Don’t Don’t let’s start

I meant to mention this in my last post but forgot. Stem cell research order targets War on Science – I have never understood the stem cell ban, from the standpoint of the anti-choicers I mean. It’s better to waste fetal material than it is to make it useful? (Although I do find some wry, black humor in the way that the news uses the term ‘discarded fetal material. Technically true, but….) I do hope that President Obama continues in this vein and doesn’t stop here, but it’s too soon to tell. In this matter, however, I do have a good feeling.
Yes, really.

Wired has an interesting piece on how with the stem cell ban gone, research should proliferate

The Economist is apparently now suggesting an end to drug prohibition. Yes, The Economist – the article is here. (I recall lots of early to mid-70s SF that depicted pretty much full drug legalization by the early 90s. Hahahaha.) Towards the end of the article, they site previous instances in which they have taken this stance, as if concerned that the article would cost them legitimacy. Join the club guys.

US ship violated international law – what, since when does the U.S. care about international law? Did you sleep through the last eight years. And really, this coming from China. It is to laugh.
(But not as laughable as the concept of the Chinese navy.)

Oh, by the way, Monday all life on earth was very nearly changed – okay not really (only 40 yards. Mind, that’s like saying only 50 megatons), but it does serve as a handy reminder that everything could go tits up with no notice.
Enjoy the perspective shift.

GLAD is challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (which, just as a reminder, President Clinton signed into law between tug jobs) – many people (myself included) forget that this nonsense is on the books.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 10, 2009.

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