Queen of the Wild Frontier

On this day 173 years ago, a small group of those loyal to the Anglo-caucasians who stole Texas from Mexico died in a fort because of a General’s hubris.
Revisionist? Not so much. You move into a foreign country and fail to abide by the laws there and then call on the country you immigrated from for help.
Sounds a bit like Israel to me.
Apparently I had a bit of Texas hate to burn through. (And really, I want to give a fucking lecture on Texas state history any time I hear Texas politicians speak about immigration policy. Hypocrites.)
Oh wait, one more:
DISD busted supplying foreign workers with fake SSNs Even after being warned in 2004 that it was explicitly illegal to do so, the Dallas Independant School District used 200 series social security numbers on IRS and Department of Homeland Security forms (kept in district which likely made it appealing to those otherwise concerned about getting caught.) At least 26 people were actually using these numbers, and more were used for criminal background checks.
But then, the DISD has always been synonymous for me with corruption (as indeed, most city offices in Dallas have seemed to me.)
Just think – those could have been ANYONE.
(More in this article from the Dallas Morning News.)

American Express demands right to call and text any phone a customer calls from

American Express wants to keep in touch.
So much so that Amex is changing its fine print so that it or its robots can call or SMS card holders on any phone line a member ever uses to contact the company, and the card holder will get the bill.
That change in its U.S. card holders’ terms of service agreement means travelers should be very wary about using hotel phones, pay phones, borrowed mobiles, or satellite phones to call Amex — even in an emergency, according to travel guru Edward Hasbrouck who first brought attention to the change.

The changes, announced on the current billing cycle, go into effect in April. I’m reminded of old Cold War era parodies of AmEx ads : Soviet Express, “Don’t Leave Home.”
Given that I’ve never had a credit card, I’m not crying. But that is pretty sad.

Yet another dismal report on unemployment which is merely one of several I could link to. They amount to the same thing – and I wish I could write far more of this off than I do as fear mongering. Unemployment, allegedly, is hitting the worst point since 1983. Not to worry though, because even Donald Trump is losing money (and I for one am only surprised that it took this long) – and so it is that I pause to have a vision of all of the remaining paragons of 80s wealthy excesses drowning in their own spending in the here and now. It’s nice to think so.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 6, 2009.

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