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Geography of a recession: NY Times graphic here really gets the point across

NY Times dubs this the Great Recession of 2008 (Clever, no?) Interesting trends are manifesting

The Great Recession of 2008 (and beyond) is hurting men more than women. It is hurting homeowners and investors more than renters or retirees who rely on Social Security checks. It is hurting Latinos more than any other ethnic group. A year ago, a greater share of Latinos held jobs than whites. Today, the two have switched places.

Reuters has the same name and another diagnosis – three years. Maybe it really is looking like 1933 all over again. (Of course, they’re getting this largely from….investment firms Mmmm, can you feel the trust in those predictions eroding yet?)

GM Auditors suggest survival of General Motors is doubtful

The company is seeking nearly $17 billion more in government aid to keep running. But today’s 402-page annual report said that even an influx of government cash may not be enough to keep GM in business.

Mmmm..sounds like AiG, about two iterations ago.

Undisclosed losses at Merrill Lynch bring investigation – 120 million dollars lost in currency markets. And that’s just for starters, well before it’s ‘acquisition’ by “Bank” of America.

What, need a boost? Here’s fun:

BushCo terrorism memo brought to you (again) by the Times.

Oh, but wait –
A Brazilian archbishop says all those who helped a nine year old rape victim secure an abortion are to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Yes really. Hey, thanks, I might have forgotten that the Catholic Church needs to go back to the 1170s where it belongs.

NOW I’m disgusted.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 5, 2009.

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