Liberal Media Bias

It disgusts me that the only sites I can find talking about this are, literally, Wingnut Daily, Faux News*, a website with the name “stop the aclu” (yes, really) and other such**.

A CCSU student giving a presentation on why students and teachers should have the ability to carry concealed firearms on campus gets a visit from the police because the Professor found the presentation threatening. Sources disagree whether or not the police involved were actual police or campus cops (yes, that does matter to me; one of these is out of line, the other is Business as Usual).

From the Daily Campus:

John Wahlberg was in Paula Anderson’s introductory public speaking class when the students received an assignment to make a presentation about a “relevant issue in the media.” Given the fierce debate about whether or not students and professors should be allowed to carry weapons on campus – ignited by the fatal shootings at Virginia Tech – Wahlberg thought that concealed carry was an appropriate topic for class. It is important to note that while Wahlberg is a gun owner and a Second Amendment advocate, he never threatened to harm anyone during his presentation.
After giving the presentation – during which he advocated for students’ right to bear arms – Wahlberg went to work, where he was told that he needed to go to the police station. At the station, officers questioned him about how many guns he owned and where he kept them.

And yes, Faux news has the skinny here.

Last October, John Wahlberg and two classmates at Central Connecticut State University gave an oral presentation for a communications class taught by Professor Paula Anderson. The assignment was to discuss a “relevant issue in the media,” and the students presented their view that the death toll in the April 2007 Virginia Tech shooting massacre would have been lower if professors and students had been carrying guns.
That night, police called Wahlberg, a 23-year-old senior, and asked him to come to the station. When he arrived, they they read off a list of firearms that were registered in his name and asked where he kept them. Guns are strictly prohibited on the CCSU campus and residence halls, but Wahlberg says he lives 20 miles off-campus and keeps his gun collection locked up in a safe. No further action was taken by police or administrators.

Really – unofficial police questioning because someone was “afraid” of the views expressed by another? No charges filed (of course not, no crime was committed) but what the hell – just as a minor favor to a reactionary faculty gun control nut?
I think the part that offends me the most is where I have to go to get the news – this is all over the blogosphere but (with a few exceptions) entirely in the twilight zone of bloggers who take Rush and Michelle Malkin seriously instead of as the brain damaged yobos they are.

*which is in fact the source of this little news bit. Sad, isn’t it?

** Correction, I found an interesting and insightful blog entry on the matter here which I’m adding to my regularly read list I think. Very intelligent and well written.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 5, 2009.

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