Keynesian economics – crediting your way out of debt since…..never

Obamaland Debt you can believe in

“I think if there’s a single episode … that has made me more angry, I can’t think of one (other) than AIG,” Bernanke said, accusing the company of exploiting gaps in the regulatory system and making irresponsible financial decisions. But he said, “We really had no choice” but to prop up the company because the consequences of failure could be disastrous.

Okay Bernanke, fine – you and your Obamaland cronies keep beating this particular dead horse so tell me, disasterous HOW? Disasterous to who? Disasterous in the short term or the long term? Show, don’t tell. At this point I’m resigned to the notion that the “economic recovery” is more an arbitrary experiment in Keynesian economics than anything that has relevance to the real world. (“An economic model pioneered during the Great Depression? Clearly has universal application – roll it out!”)

Comedy gold, even if he does miss a few beats. (And again, though at this point I think it goes without saying, that no I don’t agree 100% with everything he says. Duh. The only person I agree with 100% is myself.)

According to an article in nature, a substance called GML stops the vaginal transmission of HIV. (With a slightly different perspective it’s covered here as well.)

Pressure increases for inquiry into the Bush administration. I don’t think this will go anywhere, still. But I’m increasingly of the opinion that it needs to happen. If naught else, it would create the precedent that you can’t do whatever you like as President and not suffer the consequences (also known as the Ford Doctrine).
With a warrant issued for Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, Bashir attacks west over warrant – I’m just waiting for him to mention Bush as a war criminal if in fact he has not done so. (I’ll be quite surprised if such a statement becomes national news, if only because I don’t think the Obama administration wishes it.)

I have nothing to say about this stupid so called news item about Steele and Rush (which sounds so much like gay porn) save this :: Mr. Limbaugh must have a six foot erection with a giant bottle of pills on top right now. (“They’re TALKING ABOUT ME!!!!!!”) That so much of the ‘debate’ about the future of the GOP hinges on that pill munching hypocrite shows you just how bad the state of American media really is. (We have pretty much long sense hit the age of E!)
It’s called mockery boys and girls.

The California state supreme court reviews Prop 8s same sex marriage ban today – and again, I don’t think it will be overturned but I can hope.

And because I like to go out on a ‘positive’ note – An Israeli air raid on Gaza kills at least three. Didn’t wait too long for Clinton to get scarce did they? (And by way of follow up, the US is definitely boycotting the UN conference on Racism in a show of Ostrich-like behavior rivaling that of the Bush administration.)


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 5, 2009.

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