Government: Not a term of endearment.


You might remember a case here in the Bay Area that established that Obama’s justice department doesn’t necessarily have any intention of relinquishing some of the vast amounts of authority claimed by the Bush White House. It’s gotten … a lot worse.

(A bit more background if you’re not otherwise familiar with the case.)

Now here’s where it gets scary. A brief filed by the Obama administration Friday (located here) attempts to establish some extremely bold claims:

It is literally arguing that no court has the power to order that classified documents be used in a judicial proceeding; instead, it is the President — and the President alone — who possesses that decision-making power under Article II, and no court order is binding on the President to the extent it purports to direct that such information be made available for use in a judicial proceeding. … There is only one branch with the power to decide if these documents can be used in this Article III court proceeding: The Executive. What the President decides is final. His decision is unreviewable. It’s beyond the reach of the law. No court has the authority to second-guess it or to direct the President to comply with a disclosure order.

So the NSA has essentially offered up the notion-as-law that the President has discretion, not subject to judicial or peer review, to declare something classified and therefore doesn’t have to turn it over to a court.

Obama sends letter to Russia regarding nuclear capable Iran – where the hell is all of this hype coming from? Offering to ditch a missile defense system? (Er, would this be the same missile defense system that’s been all or mostly talk since Ron Reagan’s 1983 ‘star wars’ speech?) Because…………………..
Still waiting.
Sorry, this whole situation sounds an awfully lot like a certain other President’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” nonsense. Too much for me to be able to believe. At least without something akin to, you know, facts and proof.
As I write this, President Obama is on tv, fielding questions about this. *headscratch*

McCain blasts Obama re: Earmarks, citing desperation to be newsworthy again – earmarks. Yes, because the GOP would Never Ever have earmarks on a bill. Ever.
Kind of like how the Stimulus bill and the Bailout weren’t PRECISELY THE SAME KIND OF LEGISLATION.
Not to mention Mitch McConnell. Oh that’s right, if it’s for defense spending, tobacco, or oil, it’s not an earmark, it’s (in 2009) “fiscal responsibility”. Look it up fuckwad.
Dude, old folks home. Stat.

What was believed to be a Denial of Service attack yesterday on the Pirate Bay wasn’t. Today is the last day of the case which we won’t (for some reason) get a ruling on til April. (Which should give Hollywood ample time to find out if the Sweedish legal system is at all ammenable to bribery.) Electric Pig has 7 Things we learned from the trial.

Steve Forbes wants us to know that 1933 is coming again – which makes me wonder if it will be illegal to own gold coins by April 5? Dumping his ass in the “delusional – no concept of real world” pile with the rest of the head in the sanders. (Forget not that he was involved with the Project for the New American Century bullshit.)

Apparently I’m surfing on this news cycle. Worry not, this should be the last one for the day. (Of I think three.)


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 3, 2009.

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