Duck and Cover

Secretary of State Clinton claims that U.S. support for Israel is unshakable citing Unrelenting commitment – which while undesirable is wholly unsurprising. A stream of pure 99 proof rhetoric has thus issued forth, after her meeting with Shimon Peres. Keeping in mind that Israel is still very much in the process of forming a new government so any agreement brokering is going to be, at best, merely laying the groundwork and hoping no one goes back on their given word. She meets with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister (which entails what precisely?) Ehud Olmert over the next two days. Also she is expected to meet Palestinian Authority President Mahmood Abbas on Wednesday. Well at least she’s meeting with *someone* from the Palestinian government. But in general, it sounds very much like more of the same. Which is a pity.

Something of a reality check on the 2010 budget (which wasn’t of course, the *actual* budget but really sort of a rough draft – because a democrat controlled Washington can’t do anything if it can’t do it three bloody times*). I really wish I saw more articles like this, but I suppose I should be happy that I’m seeing this at all, and on something national as opposed to opposition where I’m used to seeing it (relatively obscure marxist-libertarian blogs that like six people read for example).
For what it’s worth, I’d like to know where the administration got the math that magically told them “recovery will begin in 2010” – or is this being derived from the quatrains of Nostradamus? I ask because there is one critical point that just reading mention of makes me want to go into vapor lock:

Economic recovery can help reduce the deficit by reducing the (Emphasis mine.) government’s need to borrow money to fund its efforts. That’s because tax revenue starts to rise as more employers start hiring and boost production, while demand for government services and benefits such as unemployment insurance falls as more people find work.

Borrow from where, the Bavarian Illuminati? Is Futurethink Spacejesus going to loan us a quid? Of course, it actually pertains to the notion of using money that doesn’t really exist and calling it “borrowing”. Perhaps there’s an unspoken notion that the taxation that is set to be enacted on the upper classes** (well, supposedly – it’s not happening til 2011, assuming it happens even then. You know how those PACs and lobbyists are.) And speaking of lobbyists, the whole notion of curbing corporate tax breaks? Behind that 110%, but I’m afraid it’s total bullshit. Seriously – if Obamaland really does somehow acquire some kind of “lobbyist free zone” then guess who doesn’t get re-elected in 2012? Much as I’d loooooooove to see that happen (the lack of lobbyist influence in Washington) I don’t do enough psychoactives to believe it will occur anytime soon. Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be ‘selling’ the budget before Congress next week. Oh joy – more awesome sound bites of doom. I can’t wait.

Big hollywood (no, not the crusty neo-con gimboids; more meaning the industry that spends billions of dollars churning out useless shit every year) are showing their true colours at the penultimate day of the Pirate Bay trial.

Three entertainment lawyers and a Swedish prosecutor demanded jail time Monday for the four defendants in The Pirate Bay trial, though they couldn’t agree on how much. The prosecution is seeking a year in prison for each, while Hollywood is leaning toward the maximum two-year terms.

Tell you what Hollywood – stop churning out fly speckled Ebola poo like Transformers and I might be more sympathetic to your cause. Like say, at all.

Toyota looking to post first losses in 59 years – seeking to emulate US automakers and ask it’s government for a handout. A handout to the sum of 2 billion US dollars. You know, I’m thinking if they’ve not lost money in the entire time I’ve been alive, they probably don’t need a handout. Just a thought.

A new study by the Pew Center on the States claims that 1 in 31 adults are in prison on probation or on parole in the U.S. The study cited an imbalance in the amount spent on prisons v. the amount spent on those in probationary or parole situations even though the latter outnumber the former by a significant factor. Likely, the drug war (which is about the same thing as the war on terror) is a significant factor here in my estimation.
A pdf of the full text of the report (about 48 pages) is located here.

No doubt as part of the Iran!Nukeseleventyone! fear mongering, an interesting bit on the Nuclear Security Administration which is pretty scary, and not just because their initials are NSA.

* in fairness, I expect a GOP controlled Washington sends multiple copies of everything in triplicate three times also but they aren’t as big on this “transparency” thing. Of course, normally, neither are the dems.

** which I keep seeing referred to as “paying as much in taxes as everyone else does” – which while my gut thinks probably has some truth to it, my brain isn’t convinced. Research should follow.


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 3, 2009.

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