A fistful of biscuits

Suddenly Clinton has a comprehensive Mid-east plan – which sounds cribbed from the EU, honestly.

In Gaza even the smugglers want open borders – considering that, economically, smugglers have the most to gain from closed borders.

Iran nuke hype well underway

Speaking of hype – Millions panic as the Dow falls below an entirely arbitrary number signifying fuck all

AiG posts Q4 loses for 2008 with a typical reaction from the US (Hint: let’s give them money!) Tired I am (Yoda I talk like) of hearing that every single company receiving monies from the Fed is “critical to the world economy” – they can’t all be critical….

China crashes satellite into the Moon – I love the summation line: “The deliberate move was planned to give the People’s Republic lunar landing experience.”
Does collision count?

A defense contractor torrents plans of Presidential helicopter to Iran (“to Iran”? The torrent was being hosted on an Iranian IP.)

and finally, New England educator wants madness added to curriculum


~ by Auntie Ranty on March 2, 2009.

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