New Math – driving accountants right to the streets

Obama unveils 3.6 TRILLION dollar budget for 2010

He has predicted the budget deficit for the current year will be $1.75tn, which is 12.3% of annual output and the biggest since World War II.
Planned spending includes $634bn to pay for healthcare reform and an extra $250bn to be set aside, in case it is needed to bail out US banks.

GOP attacks budget calls it loaded with spending – I just call it loaded. 3.6 trillion. Apparently one of the areas Obama is planning on cutting out of the budget is agribusiness which would seem to be code for “farm subsidies” – which is good in the long run but I think quite possibly disasterous (for him) in the short term.

So apparently in 2012, Obama will be running as a third party candidate for the Inflation Party. Higher level members of the democrats are of course praising the budget (pdf located here all 146 pages of it) – probably citing some fictional end to the wealthy getting tax cuts (Oh wait, yep)

Now that there’s no reason to artificially stratify the “support” for the war in Iraq, the Pentagon is allowing pictures of soldiers coffins again. There, joint chiefs, you get a cookie.

Homeland Insecurity chief blathers on about interdiction – and really should Homeland Security be talking so extensively about another country’s problems?

Music executive claims that people would have purchased every music track they got free file sharing.

We lost another of the best ones Wednesday – Philip José Farmer, dead at 91.

A list of five touchy feely ways to save the world that don’t work (though I think the claims are – at best – shoddy when it comes to their so called statistics on landfills.)

On the flipside to that, the possible ecological consequences to spoiled Americans and our bathroom habits

Does this fuck with you the way it does me? Advertisers now able to beam messages directly into your head Now, after a friend of mine sent me this link I drew pause to note the dateline – December 2007. eeek.


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 26, 2009.

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