Wheels in the sky keep on turning

Amnesty International calls for arms embargo to Israel and Palestinian armed groups – on the theory (presumably) that without munitions they can’t fight. Sound idea, really don’t think it’ll work (how many countries that supply arms *really* want them to stop fighting?) which is a pity.
On a related note, Binyamin Netanyahu says I won’t wait forever for unity government – here’s an idea, form a coalition government….with Hamas, kay?

Peanut Corp. tells all customers to stop distribution – and I think that about closes the doors on that, save whatever litigation and suchlike remains. Hopefully, it will be substantial. (It kind of chafes to be hoping for litigation…)

Hawaii joins the small but growing number of states to endorse same gender unions. The measure has passed in the House and is looking to be debated by a divided state Senate on Tuesday.

Microsoft asks laid off workers to return some of their severence money citing an accounting error.

The error is believed to have overpaid some former employees and underpaid others. Those that were overpaid were sent letters requesting them to refund the company by sending a check or money order.

Yeah, let me know how that works out for you MS, mmkay?

For those of you who think terrorism doesn’t come to Egypt anymore, I beg to differ. It is however the first in about three years.

On Sunday evening, witnesses described how the bustling scene turned to chaos and carnage following an explosion outside a cafe in the square by the Hussein mosque.
A middle-aged man, Mahmoud, said he heard a loud blast as he emerged from a nearby underpass.
“I saw children and a man who I thought was dead lying sprawled out on the ground. I saw someone’s hand or foot – I’m not sure what it was – and a lot of blood.
“People started running in all directions and they were stepping on those who were still lying down because they were panicking. They were running for their lives.”

Betting someone’s not liking Egypt’s present role in the peace process.

Put on your hip waders, talk of Social Security has reared up in Washington. Especially the bit about ‘fixing it’. I’m sure the Democrats will let us do anything to social ‘security’ when we pry it from their cold dead fingers.
I’d say refund everyone’s money and abolish the thing…but that would involve the government playing with imaginary money orders of magnitude moreso than they are now. And that’s not a good thing.


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 24, 2009.

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