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Are people still using Twitter? They are? Shit. Why? (Utterly irrelevant to the point of this or any other post but I really missed the boat on the twitter thing. Really and truly. I don’t think I’m missing anything.)

The Democratic Party (ha!) is resisting their President on Social Security (though I note that the article says absolutely nothing about social security, just how Obama feels v. the Party. Which is how the parties want it, you know?) but as has been reported the President is already feeling the lash of not toeing the party line. (Far more about Social Insecurity exists in the second link, which amounts to “same as it ever was”. That and the nightmarish 10.8 trillion dollar debt figure.)

So…yeah. The Dems are clearly choking on this whole economics thing. But is the GOP doing *any* better?
Short answer – No.

Somewhat longer answer – Same as It Ever Was.
The GOP has this wonderful opportunity to redefine itself and become a party of principle but they are wasting it in the name of the status quo (the Status Quo is really everything that’s wrong with the GOP) – they oppose the stimulus plan (which is admittedly broken) but don’t have an alternative to suggest that doesn’t begin *and* end with the hollow prom date “Tax Cuts” (with the unstated but known to everyone rider -“for the wealthy”).

I doubt it will happen, I really do, but I think for real conservatives, the best thing that could happen would be the GOP being widely perceived as doing nothing – good or bad (which, you know, is in fact true in realpolitik), suffer further, get destroyed, and reinvent itself as a Conservative Party. Jettison all of that status quo ‘social conservatism’ (read: Wingnut) nonsense and start again. I can dream can’t I?
The alternative is one in which the GOP recovers – somewhat in 2010 and then further in 2012 and nothing really changes; the big ‘decider’ will be whether or not the dems keep the white house in 2012 – if they do, I suspect the early ‘teens will see runaway inflation unprecedented since the years of the Carter administration.

Obama criticizes critics of stimulus at governor’s gathering.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, one of the Southern Republican governors who have called the $787 billion plan too costly, said he heard nothing Monday to ease those concerns. He repeated his vow that Texas will reject any federal aid that locks the state into higher spending later.

Okay guy, tell you what. Since you’re So Opposed to the stimulus package, when Texas gets it’s first taste of the stimulus package, refuse it. Stand on principle. Don’t take the money.

Texas is among the states that would have to expand unemployment coverage to part-time workers to take full advantage of stimulus funds. That could mean higher taxes after federal funds run out – a major talking point among critics.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Make no mistake, he has every intention of taking the money – saying it would irresponsible to refuse money for roads (for example). The GOP hates spending on infrastructure, but they’d rather that than people apparently. Not that people will see dime one of this stimulus package.


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 24, 2009.

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