Speak to me of syphilis and greed

Is it just me or is the bullshit oscar hype thicker than usual this year? I could (as in years past) really care less but somehow it seems to be saturating my walls of unconcern, leaving a sensation akin to a minor tickle.
Get back to me when they abolish that stupid rating system, ‘kay? (Disagree? Take it over to Big Hollywood, I understand they need someone to shoot fish in a barrel….)

Nationalization fears dominate Bank of America, Citigroup – because it couldn’t possibly have something to do with the stellar public perception of these two banks being sucking black holes of mismanagement, greed, and stupidity now could it?

Obama plans to slash deficit in half …. and I don’t see how that can be accomplished barring a pact with Satan.
Really – is that the current, up to the minute deficit, or just the 1.3 trillion he inherited from BushCo? Regardless, he’s claiming to have it done by 2013…and I just hope he’s not holding out for some UFO harmonic convergence ‘earth changes’ end of the Mayan calendar ley line nexus nonsense in 2012 to get out of it.

Obamaland widens missile strikes in Pakistan – and for my part I’m just amazed that the press has started acknowledging the CIAs involvement in ‘handling’ the situation. I mean, remember Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare? Or the Freedom Fighter’s Manual or any number of CIA US Army interrogation manuals? (C’mon, it’s not like the Bush administration did anything *new* in GitMo or Abu Ghraib they just did it on a scale sufficient to get caught.)


Don’t forget that image. Ever.

While we’re at it, let’s not forget how many times the CIA has gotten busted drug running – just remember that the next time some nimrod mentions how ‘well’ interdiction is going….
I remember allegations that Bush Sr. had been aware of the Golden Triangle operations in the 70s prior to his election as President…which makes sense as he was director of Central Intelligence then.)

Anyway, back on topic – Official in Pakistan kidnapped – remember that ceasefire looking deal from a few days back? My guess – whatever secret provisions were put in place are now in effect. Expect another wave of disappearances and fact jugglings and I don’t mean from the U.S. (well, not any more than usual).

So much for the Sri Lankan ceasefire. (Which, apparently, happened in the middle of last month which makes me feel woefully uninformed…)

Ack, I think the jadedness is too potent a brew this morning. Time to crawl back into bed for a bit. But I’ll leave you with a bit of the Freedom Fighter’s Handbook.

That's Democracy!

That's Democracy!


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 22, 2009.

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