Friday Biscuits (Delayed)

US likely to pursue owning bank stakes rather than overt nationalization
( Bog, this article is so biased. ) The Federal government is moving to, essentially, nationalize, two banks, but not calling it nationalization because hey, THAT’S NAKED RED SOCIALISM. Or something equally reactionary and uneducated.
Do I really want Tim Geithner having that much *more* influence over banking in this country? I think not. Moreover it’s just bad business – the government is incapable of being a sound and trustworthy business partner which is precisely what, by definition, this nationalization will amount to – and remember that the Fed can alter the terms of this ‘partnership’ any time it likes.
From a standpoint of pure business, that’s stupid.

Governor Schwarzenegger signs new budget into law and not a moment too soon.

President Obama’s flawed plan to deal with the foreclosure crisis – let’s flood Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with 200 billion dollars…instead of what we should be doing, which is getting rid of them.

Let them eat burgers – a private equity boss orders his multimillion dollar business partners to eat burgers at five star hotel admonishing them for failing to appreciate how lucky they were.

A new report suggests that the Pentagon has lost thousands of weapons ‘loaned’ to foreign governments…and they may now be in the hands of terrorists.
(Or, in my estimation, given to ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘partisans’ who now hate the U.S. Think Osama Bin Laden.)

Further proof that Chinese diplomats are rolled in mind altering and addictive substances before being sent overseas


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 21, 2009.

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