Further news of dissatisfaction

California, commonly cited as the 8th largest economy in the world (a disputable ‘fact’) is one vote shy of a budget. And it looks as though GOP lawmakers will continue their stubborn stonewalling as they’d rather be in debt and playing with funny money than appear to pay more taxes (it’s not like any of these Republicans actually will pay more taxes being fairly well off after all…).

The American Spectator has a fascinating article about TARP and the precedents established in FIRREA – as well as why it’s a bad idea.

A federal appeals court has decided that 17 GitMo detainees shall not be released – at least not if they have to be released in the U.S.

After imprisoning the men for nearly seven years, the Bush administration conceded that it would no longer try to prove that the men were enemy combatants. But it argued that the men should not be permitted into the United States, claiming they had “trained for armed insurrection against their home country” in a Uighur camp in Afghanistan.

(How DID we wind up with 17 Chinese Muslims anyway? Somehow I don’t think they were picked up in Iraq. I would really really like to see where all of these ‘suspected terrorists’ got picked up in the first place. Never happen, but it’d be nice. )

Apparently, Secretary of State Clinton isn’t going to ignore the Mid-East indefinitely – al jazeera is reporting that she will attend a fundraiser in Egypt next month for the reconstruction of Gaza. Actually they call it a summit but remember, summits never require attendees to do anything.

Wealthy tax evaders turned over by Swiss Bank – done to avoid prosecution of course.

VEBA not saving as much money as automakers and the UAW hoped – probably because the provisions of that plan SUCK.

Lance Wallach, a VEBA consultant with Plainville, N.Y.-based VEBA Plan, said the UAW already took a huge risk in 2007 when it agreed to set up the plan because it agreed to accept cash payments that were significantly less than the estimated future costs.

Really, in a real (and likely, fictional) economy, business practices like that get ELIMINATED and replaced with something more efficient…not this ‘kissed by momma government skinned knee’ crap.

A new study finds that – amazingly – voting for gay marriage is not immediately a political liability. Wow. I’m so surprised.

That’s sarcasm.


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 18, 2009.

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