Don’t forget your briefcase dear

What. The. Fuck. President Obama has dropped the idea of appointing a single, powerful “car czar” to oversee the revamping of General Motors and Chrysler A task force “to oversee the jump start for the stalled auto industry” will be created – apparently. (A Car Czar? Pleased as punch that was dropped – could you have just set it up as a mirror for the DEA while we were at it?)

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and chief White House economic adviser Larry Summers head the task force, which will be made up of top people from government agencies. Ron Bloom, a corporate restructuring expert, will join the team as a senior advisor at the Treasury Department, but he is not the car czar, as has been reported.

So, once again, rather than let poorly managed businesses fail, we’ll just rescue them, ensuring that everyone knows that no matter how badly you fail, how horribly your greed sabotages your own company, you will never ever have to pay the consequences.
I will be resisting the urge to drink radiator fluid and watch Oliver Stone’s Wall Street I think, but it’ll be a near thing.

On the flip, GOP seen as taking a risk in opposing Obama economic strategy – well yes, because they are taking a risk – though if anyone thinks they are coming off as ‘principled conservatives’ please let me know. To me, their so-called strategy is reminiscent of a large turtle parked in the center of a two lane road. At best.

It sounds like the punchline to a bad joke but, English, French nuclear subs collide in Atlantic. “This is the most severe incident involving a nuclear submarine since the sinking of the Kursk in 2000 and the first time since the Cold War that two nuclear-armed subs are known to have collided,” said Kate Hudson, head of Britain’s Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. I expect there’s more to develop out of this, given that the first article is understandably threadbare but the second is padded with ancillary details. One hopes the crews of each vessel are alright.

In the doom category, the Japanese economy is shrinking faster than in 35 years

Also in that region, Clinton warns North Korea ‘hey, we’ve changed Presidents – we might actually consider doing something to you’. Which, while doubtful, would be a welcome change of pace from the previous administration where I’m pretty sure North Korea could have deployed nuclear weapons in space and not gotten more than a hollow but stern look from Washington.

Oh, that wasn’t satillite debris raining down on Texas, probably meteors which for some reason seems like calling them weather balloons. (Of course, it is rather fixed in my memory the way people went scouring the Texas plains looking for wreckage of the Space Shuttle Columbia – some parasite wound up putting some of it on Ebay if I recall….)


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 16, 2009.

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