the film is a sadd’ning bore…

Not content with their attempts in the 1890s and the middle 30s, Mars throwing more invasion canisters at planet Earth. The best part though, is this:

The FAA notified pilots on Saturday to be aware of possible debris after a collision Tuesday between U.S. and Russian communication satellites.


In the ‘you’ve fucked it up for the rest of us’ department, peanut growers are reeling from the actions of Peanut Corp of America. I expect soon enough we’ll see some lovingly crafted commercial with soft lighting and a selection of facts on the evening news between two people discussing the health benefits of peanuts, rather like a tollerable version of similar (yet odious) commericals for the Steel Council, America’s sugar growers and, more recently, high fructose corn syrup*

I find it very telling that despite their extortionist threats to the Fed, GM isn’t presenting a unified front with the UAW or taking any steps to make it so or even appear so.

Illinois does not disappoint in dealing out a hand of corruption. Though in following the Q&A, I think they’re splitting hairs and just trying to get ANYTHING they can.

The “changing” face of China – many countries (not just the US for a change) line up to get on their knees for China – I say really, does China coat their diplomats in pure cocaine or something? No matter what China does, now matter how they do it, no matter how many volts they use to do it, no one in Government ever says a bad thing about China. WTF?

Pakistan concedes presence of Taliban entrenched in country….gee, really?

Apparently, this bipartisanship thing just isn’t working. File under BAU.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg home after surgery removes her spleen and part of her pancreas she plans to be back on the bench in eight days. I swear she is made of STEEL.

* my version of that damn commercial would feature lots of shots of HFCS and someone ominously whispering “It’s everywhere.”


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 15, 2009.

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