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US Vice President Biden resolves more of same

He said President Barack Obama wants to “set a new tone” in U.S. relations with other countries in the world, but resolutely ruled out the possibility that the United States might surrender its global leadership ambitions.
Biden said Washington will seek closer cooperation with its allies across the globe, having concluded that this advances collective security, as well as its own values and economic interests. But he made clear the United States intends to hang on to its unique, unshared global dominance.

Further reporting across the world wide web is now suggesting that the sky is blue and that water, so the reports go, is in fact wet.

Mr President goes to Indiana pitching his stimulus bill. Really REALLY sick and tired of that damn thing…. you know, I don’t especially care for the thing but at this point I want them to pass it just to STFU.

But House Republicans said they were not the obstructionists because Congress is controlled by Democrats, including Representative Nancy Pelosi, the speaker, and Senator Harry M. Reid, the majority leader.

Newsflash – Congress is made of obstructionists. How many times has the media echoed the following exchange? Party one (usually either media or executive) – “We need swift action.”* Party two (you know, congress, one or both houses) “wankwankwankrhubarbblahharrumphwank”

* and you know, we don’t need swift action, we need successful action.

“House Republicans understand the urgency of the situation and continue to promote an economic recovery bill that will create and protect jobs for struggling American families,” said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for the House Republican whip’s office. “The Democrats’ spending bill can pass and be signed into law by the president. When, if and how that occurs is completely in the hands of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid.”

Well then, we are well and truly over a barrel then.

In related news, the SEC is still the SEC.

Amidst the possibility of an end to the Sri Lankan civil war I do have to wonder – is India feeling threatened by this?

Apparently, the US Army is still boneheaded in dealing with PTSD to say the least.

A map of Prop Eight supporters. /enabling harassment
Seriously, that is a privacy violation. Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice?

Speaking of Privacy. But it’s Google, so you knew that, right?

Funny in a laughing at you not with you kind of way, 6 Green lessons we can learn from communism. Seriously, it’s comedy gold, made moreso by the dead pan tone of the writing (or possibly the author really means it? Let’s hope not – because if there was ever a bad example of “green” the USSR would be it).

Homework assignment kids, go here and add some rainbows and unicorns to my page. The very notion amuses me endlessly…


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