Playing Catchup

First of all, congratulations go out to Johanna Sigurdardottir, Prime Minister of Iceland. You’ve got a rather full plate ahead of you by the way.

In other news – Perhaps at some point in your life someone has told you that “shit rolls downhill.” Well then, Let the fun begin.
What? Surely you didn’t think people wouldn’t try to take advantage of this did you? OF course they will……

Joe Biden let out of his cage for what must be the first time since the inauguration…as I’ve seen very little of him (oh wait, that’s right, that’s what Vice Presidents do – nothing). Evidently, he’s being used to probe Iran to see if they’d be receptive to not being on the brink of hostilities….likely so that Obama can do the same thing if it works out.
Why are we coddling Iran again?

Continue down the current course, then there will be continued pressure and isolation. Abandon the illicit nuclear program, and your support for terrorism, and there will be meaningful incentives,” he said.

What, Iran is the new North Korea? Seriously just cross out Joe Biden and replace it with George Bush and …. well yeah.

Where is the big response to the entirely preventable salmonella outbreak? Somewhere between “clean sock drawer” and “get re-elected in ’10” on the list of the average government tool.
If anyone involved actually serves jail time, I’ll be surprised. Very very very.
Not terribly impressed with the article but there are dozens on the web where you can read about how the plant couldn’t be bothered to do anything about foods testing positive for salmonella. (I’m not convinced they actually test so much as go through the motions.) I expect, tops, a fine and maybe some symbolic slapping on the wrist but that’s it before the story fades.
Remember, in corporate America, it doesn’t matter how many people you kill either through negligence or greed.

More tax dodginess in the Obama Cabinet. (Though if you think I *miss* Tom Daschle, you’ve another thing coming.) Granted, this does sound to me like the media is now actively trying to get as much dirt as possible – which isn’t something I object to, understand but there comes a point when the search for dirt becomes the story and I suspect we’ve crossed that line.

The White House indicated Solis was in a different category, with spokesman Robert Gibbs saying she was not involved in her husband’s business and should not be punished for the tax lapse.

Was she even married to him then? (I presume so but it doesn’t say.) Lots of citing of “she wasn’t involved” … does her name appear on the paperwork, at all? Does taxation involve more than character concerns for the labor secretary?

Remember how Clinton was going to deal immediately with the Mid-East situation out of the gate? Apparently she doesn’t.

Reuters reports that Executive Pay limits have loop holes – Part of me wants to know how this is news worthy – I mean, is anyone surprised (oh…wait, that’s right, Democrats) by this? Repeat after me – Business As Usual.

Hey stop the presses – Bill Gates did something I like. White western wealth & privilege never looked so….pestilential.

On the flip side of that, The Pope will be speaking to Jewish people – well, addressing. Speaking implies that there will be a dialogue. Outrage continues to burn about the rescinded excommunication (Oh noes, the Catholic Church isn’t recognizing me!) of four “traditionialist” Bishops who deny the historicity of the Holocaust. Most prominantly a certain Mr. Williamson

Williamson, who lives in Argentina and communicates to the outside world through his blog, has not yet done so. The Vatican said last Wednesday that the pope had not been aware of Williamson’s denial of the Holocaust when the pontiff lifted the excommunications in an attempt to start healing a 20-year-old schism.

Do you think “traditionalist*” serves the same purpose in the Catholic Church that it does in old line GOP circles (i.e. a codeword for “is racist”)?

“I ask everyone to believe me that I did not deliberately say something false. I was, on the basis of my research in the 1980s, convinced of the accuracy of my comments. Now I must examine everything again and look at the evidence,” he said.

Well shiver me god damn timbers, you have to research something again? Gee, do you think the evidence has changed in the last twenty years? Mr. Williamson when you recant in a few weeks or months (assuming you do and the the Church doesn’t just brush this under the rug) will you cite “new evidence” or will you cop to having had some bias in your “original findings”?

This morning I discovered IT sounded like a good idea at the time (though generally, I don’t really need help detecting media bias. It’s not hard folks….) but their user profile system shut me down hard. Declare your position on topical issues on ….. a wholly arbitrary left-right axis! Fun, prizes, bullshit! Whatever. Not that definitions can really be agreed upon but something more to go on than the noise-that-means-nothing “center right”. In English please? So, I guestimated, which is what I presume most of the users do. (Left-Right on “Foregin Policy” – um, the democratic party has a “general position” on foreign policy? Really? Since when? What does it say?) And what is the point of the data point “Election 2008”? What does that mean?
Anyway, on thereabouts as AuntyRanty. Not sure I’ll do much more than check the site out but feel free to say hi if you like.

Regrettably, there isn’t a button on there to dismiss certain “news items” as “irrelevant”. Pity that.

* in point of fact, traditionalist means “rejects Vatican II” – which holds the RADICAL AND MESSED UP NOTION that people who don’t believe in the Catholic Invisible Sky King might actually be worthy of respect and other ideas that are clearly as fucked up as a football bat.


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 7, 2009.

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