It’s good to be back….

Dear democratic party sympathetic media outlets::

No, no no no no no NO NO NO. Deregulation is NOT the reason we are in this mess – quit lying and saying that a free market without eight billion controls is the reason for our financial malaise. We are in this mess because people committed crimes, tanked their businesses, and ARE STILL GETTING PAID and will see neither jail time nor any kind of accountability ever. Stupid greedy people who never get caught and will not reform just because you Regulate the hell out of something with increased bureaucracy aren’t just going to magically poof go away.

Now that THAT’s out of the way. Sorry folks, our internet connection fried the better part of a week ago and then we had some issues getting the house network back up. Beyond that my health has been sub-par, which will likely lead to somewhat less frequent posting. Nothing, so far, serious, but my concentration isn’t what it was.
Now, let’s see what we left int he hopper sometime on February 1st….

I want very hard to be surprised
but I’m not not about any of it.
Despite this, the situation didn’t quite turn out the way I anticipated. Which is probably a good thing.

Pope’s fuckery continues to draw fire

Still catching up on things. My loud crabbyness should be about again soonish. Lucky you. 😉


~ by Auntie Ranty on February 6, 2009.

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