Thumbelina size 10 on a Wednesday

House Republicans Push Counter-Proposal on Stimulus – tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts. Jebus that’s so transparent. How does this stimulate the economy? Oh, right, trickle down aka Reganomics. People will have more money come refund time, and they will spend it.
Er, or something. A classically GOP kind of thing to endorse, mostly because it provides the illusion of accomplishing something by giving people a benefit within the duration of their short term memory. This is the sort of thing the conservatives of America need to jettison for the 21st century.

Egypt PWNS the whole Middle East and please, someone, lead in the brainpan if I ever EVER say that again.

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt aired its grievances against Iran, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and the Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah, saying they worked together in the fighting over Gaza to provoke conflict in the Middle East

Wow. The last time I heard something like that….was in the blogosphere. Well done.

The ACLU is demanding eavesdropping & torture related memos from the White House. Good for them. I’m not sure spending years dragging things through a series of high profile trials are worth it, but letting certain things go isn’t the way to go about it either.

Interesting (possible) case study in the use of the Dense Inert Metal Explosive weapons system as (possibly) used by Israel. There’s plenty of doubt as to the authenticity of this report – but then, I tend to presume that there’s equal amounts of doubt from any Mid-Eastern source on occurences in the Mid-East (much as I’m sure those overseas put forth questions regarding American news. As they should. There’s a reason I am pleased with the above quote.)

Short one today folks. Thumbelina sized in fact. 😉


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 28, 2009.

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