Tastes like Tuesday

Just because I wasn’t done harping on this – Geithner confirmed as Treasury secretary – if this guy had been a Republican (or Bog forbid, an independent) he would have been CRUCIFIED. Nice to see that the business as usual is preserved. Way to go guys…..
Oh but hey, he’s instituted Lobbying rules…which his boss thought of. I think for my birthday I want a windup Tim Geithner doll that repeats little phrases like “I’m a complete tool,” “careless mistakes,” and “invoice, invoice, RAWR, Invoice!”
Did I really need to know that he was “sworn in inside the gilded Cash Room at the Treasury Department”? Does this sort of thing help me build any confidence in the guy?

Speaking of BAU – Clinton says Israel has right to defend itself AND Robert Gates says Pakistan missile attacks will continue until morale improves.

Seventeen people were killed Friday in two missile strikes in the ungoverned tribal area of Pakistan. A government official and two military officials said they were U.S. attacks. They were the first such strikes since Obama took office Tuesday.
The tribal region of Pakistan has seen a sharp spike in the number of aerial attacks carried out by unmanned drones.
The United States has the only military with drones operating in the area. In 2008, there were 30 suspected U.S. missile strikes in Pakistan, based on a count by CNN in Islamabad.
Gates opened his comments with a clear message that Afghanistan is at the top of his to-do list.

Moreover, a pdf transcript of Gates’ testimony to the Senate ASC outlining his miracle plan for Afghanistan can be found here. The scary part – it’s dated TODAY.

Also, How does Blagojovich retain the power of speech???? If we lived in a just universe, there would be an angry God waiting to strike the son of a bitch dead the moment he turned the pretentiousness turnpike into “I’m going to read you more poetry.”
Though he was on the View (apparently) and talked a lot of smack. About their speed I figure.

NY financier arrested in purported $400 million scam

White House email system crashes likely taking all of my bitching and whining to the Administration with it.

Two wonderful back to back instances of news agencies spending what must be thousands of dollars telling us the very obvious. CNN Money wants you to know that Unemployment is sweeping the nation. It does however, feature a map and some lists.


And Marketwatch reports that consumer confidence is at an all time low

Honey! Screw this, let’s move to Maryland – Washington housing prices down 19% – what I really love is how every last one of these reports cite lowered housing prices as the reason everyone is freaking out? Everyone WHO? From a purely selfish standpoint, I (And I expect the millions of other poor Americans who live in substandard apartment housing) could care less if the value of so-called homeowners is bottoming out.
Okay, I devolved into hyperbole (mostly – I don’t think your average poor American does care what the housing markets do) but my point is made. I’m thinking the full bore (hey it sells magazines and newspapers) media panic regarding the economy (well, the election was over, they needed Something) might have more to do with why people are freaking out.
And any person below middle class will tell you about the recession we’ve been in for at least two years.

On a somewhat related note – Is the blogosphere replacing print media (in particular the circulated newspaper)? In some respects it would seem to occupy the same niche for different people – frequently highly opinionated, somewhat competitive (in some circles) and everyone’s got one. Rather following the early 20th century model…minus the part about all of them being owned by someone who can control their content.


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 27, 2009.

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