Happy Mondays

Citing ideology, Obama Signs Two Environment Memorandas, Pledges to Create Green Jobs and a Sustainable Economy
Not sure this is going to work the way it’s hoped to work – unless that’s the point and this is more under the tableness. Yeah I know “Not in Washington!” Strangely there’s a somewhat more informative article on this point here.
Major corporations cut 74,000 jobs on brutal day for layoffs Yes that would be today. Caterpillar alone is cutting 20,000.
European banks feeling the wind threatening to divide the EU. Well, that’s my assessment and I’m sticking to it.
Canadian conservatives to spend what is necessary to (say it with me) “Aid the economy.”
The Federal Reserve says monetary options are limited.
CNNs got a handy dandy little chart for all of this month’s job losses (and let’s face it, what else is CNN good for except lists and pie charts?) Aren’t we having just a cheerful two scoops of sunshiney morning?


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 26, 2009.

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