There are lots of songs about Saturday night but almost none about Saturday morning….

Like his Republican predecessors, Obama pushes that damn stimulus package
But what, precisely, does that package contain? What does it do? What’s it supposed to accomplish?
Well, lots of random stuff apparently:

The president revealed more details of his stimulus package, which he said would add more than 3,000 miles of electric lines to transport alternative energy across the country.
Obama also said the plan would save taxpayers $2 billion by making three-quarters of federal buildings more energy efficient and would “save the average working family $350 on their energy bills by weatherizing 2.5 million homes.”
The White House also released a report on the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan,” which calls for greater investment in Pell Grants for college students, a $2,500 college tax credit for 4 million college students and the tripling of the number of fellowships in science to help spur innovation.

Ah…that must be what makes it a “stimulus package” rather than a bailout – it’s distributing random amounts of monies to various “things that need doing” …. thus stimulating the economy. Why…how very un-“Democratic”.
But WHAT all is in the damn thing?
Well, (some of) the details are right here. It’s interesting if dry reading – it’s pretty much the descendant of the Public Works Administration (remember all of those damn Roosevelt comparisons?)
While I still think the money will get siphoned away in large percentage to those other than who (in theory) it was designed for (e.g. the Bailout solution), and have some basic issues with throwing money at an economic problem to make it go away …. (historically, just doesn’t work), if you’re going to do this (and – apparently – we are) the list of where the money is (in theory) going isn’t something I can bitch about over much. I think that likely is wherein President Obama’s real genius lay – in knowing how to get over those who otherwise disagree with his policies.
Well, aside from the straw hat and shotguns contingent, but who gives a fuck about them?
Still going over the lot of it in detail – in general I can say that more of it should be going to Education (ah, yes, but that wouldn’t make it a Stimulus package now would it? ** rolls eyes ** ) and the amounts being spent on some things I should ought be shifted around, but this is just rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Do I think it will help the economy? No. I think it might make things a bit better once the economy improves however. Might.

France putting forward proposal for Europe to take some of the GitMo refugees once they become refugees as opposed to prisoners. Not that I believe anything Faux news ever says about France – it’s like the ultimate Straw Man argument when dealing with a so called “Neo-conservative” (which are neither new, nor of course, conservative).
Interestingly, Newsweek seems to think that Israel’s actions in Gaza are driving away their allies. Really? What a novel concept….I just don’t understand why it’s taken the “media” to get on board with the Israel = dumbass platform. Too often spoonfed I guess. I still haven’t heard a single currently seated member of government do anything but fall down on their knees to apologize for Israel, Republican or Democrat.
Same party really.

Oh, and on a highly pleasant note, a bit of news from mid-week NSA targeted journalists (which is a surprise to….whom exactly?)


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 24, 2009.

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