Amnsesty International calls Israeli army’s use of white phosphorus in Gaza is ‘clear and undeniable’
Neat article, from the White Street Journal How Israel made Hamas

I’ve been very critical of him and his party (and I will continue to do so) but President Obama seems hellbent on making me happy.
Obama lifts restrictions on Abortion funding
The possibility exists that Obama may adopt a harder line with China for the first time since, um…….shit, sometime before Nixon.
Cornyn leads charge of the old guard stupid GOP – I hope he fails spectacularly. (There is a special blend of stupid and dumb that only exists in office holders that are also Texas Republicans. I wish them mighty FAIL.)
It’s not all wine and roses, but it beats the shit out of Bushco.

And, prisoners at Guantanimo are on another hunger strike


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 23, 2009.

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