the amazing adventures of Cynical!woman

“Personal observation has convinced me that in the power area of politics/economics and in their logical consequence, war, people tend to give over every decision-making capacity to any leader who can wrap himself in the myth fabric of the society. Hitler did it. Churchill did it. Franklin Roosevelt did it. Stalin did it. Mussolini did it. “
Frank Herbert, Dune Genesis*

Let the world be on notice – I am taking the words ‘historic’ and ‘significance’ away from the media and from latte sipping liberals for the next 48 hours. I’m going to be in that short line that is neither “The Cult of Obama Thanscendent” nor the “damnit they elected one of them there nee-grooows” – won’t be watching the inauguration (seen one, seen ’em all). I think instead I’ll be spooling with the music on and drinking my cynical!juice.
No doubt this will elicit me spam from the tinfoil hat “He’s not a citizen!” contingent. Yeah, go back to Roswell guys. Just be sure to take Rush Vicodin Achiever with you.
No, you wanna get me to Washington? Tell me I can “help the Bushes move out of the White House”. Oh nelly…..

Now some news items that should have gone up on the 16th.

Gaza war recovery plans face huge obsticles

What? Apparently I missed that REALLY BIG NEWS ITEM about how all the Mid-east factions have come to an accord and are going to get along from now on.
And when did the news agencies start calling it a war?

Circuit city is closing it’s doors – okay, aside from all those people who are going to be losing their jobs….no great loss really. The poor (poorest??) cousin of Fry’s was always kind of phoned in to me.

It’s not that we were unprepared it’s that you are too fat WTF? FEMA – I reserve that level of stupidity for that special variety of mouth breather that posts comments on you tube.

The Peanut Butter Lobby isn’t doing it’s job – really, does Peanut Butter have a lobby? I don’t think so. If they did, statements like

U.S. health authorities told consumers on Saturday to avoid eating products that contain peanut butter

would never, EVER get made. Moral here: Political Lobbies – morally reprehensible, but very practical if you have any desire to make money without obstruction.

Reuters says Obama must work for compromise in culture war and after having read the article I say “can’t we just cut the Godboys out of the equation? PLEASE?”

* and for those of you who think I’m comparing the President-Elect to Il Ducce, bang the rocks together – eventually you will make fire.


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 19, 2009.

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