Forecast for increased “uncertainty”

or as Warren Ellis would put it, Your Doomed World.

After lots of statements about weathering the fiscal storm, Apple stock falls
(Hormone deficiency? Isn’t that politically correct closeted speak for someone being transgendered? :P)

Intel refuses to release first quarter outlook citing “uncertainty”.

remember that stabilized economy?

Foreclosures up 81 per cent

Iraq president says Not Feasible for Israel to continue existing. Cheery. (Just remember Israel, your Final Solution *koff* in Gaza is the Right Thing To Do. Dumb fuckers.)

the Governator is eating his irony flakes

Palestinians estimate damage to Gaza at about 1.4 billion – at least one other news source today said something about 5 billion. Oops.

Timothy Geithner – I expect you’ve heard it all already by this point.
Really though – yes, he is human and I recognize that government officials tend to be human. Yes, Obama has spun this as a mistake he made.
But really, do we want someone ostensibly to fix our economy who made that kind of mistake on his own bloody taxes? I don’t.
But of course, ObamaCo doesn’t care. Welcome to Washington, D.C. land of business as usual.

Have you heard about this? Bush appointee Bradley Schlozman evidently conducted a (very informal of course) purge of Department of Justice employees who weren’t ideologically pure by his wack ass standards.

He hoped to get rid of the “Democrats” and “liberals” because they were “disloyal” and replace them with “real Americans” and “right-thinking Americans.”

Will this guy get any punishment? Surely not. I think at best, a slap on the wrist.

Hey, Israel – LEARN TO AIM.
I’m still utterly flabbergasted by how not a damn person in the media really has anything critical to say re: Israel. It defies explanation.

another protest of Oakland police shooting turns violent

In what must be Bush’s fifty second “farewell” address, he says he kept America safe. There are actually people who believe him.

What faith in humanity was that again?

On the plus side, Methane on Mars may help terraform it. For when those of us left bail.


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 15, 2009.

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