The Panopticon – twice your daily allotment of feces as before. ;)

No, I haven’t gone anywhere. Some things have been changed a bit. The panopticon is a pretty good fit for what I want to accomplish here (they watch us, let’s watch them!)….and you can read it’s original meaning into things and call this an existential statement that we’re all in prison. However you like.
Moreover, making this a little more work safe probably isn’t a bad idea (those lovely letters spelling out the Daily Shit kind of get in the way of that) much as part of me (the reflexive inner seventeen year old I think) is thinking silly reactionary thoughts about that, often incorporating phrases ending in “…the Man.”

You are dumb largely summarizes my thoughts on the Roland Burris two-step. (Surely I’m not the only one out here who last Thursday blinked and wondered Who has How Much dirt on the Dems leadership…..) – as always there are gray undercurrents just below the waterline and most of us will probably never quite know what’s really going on there.
Welcome to politics.

Scott Brown at Wired magazine has inspired me to begin calling our current fiscal woes the Awesome Depression.

Who benefits from our current immersion in economic turmoil? According to the CEO of Six Apart (owners of Typepad, Vox, et. al.*), blogging sites do.

President-Elect Obama has spent a good bit of today trying, it would seem, to react to my rant from this morning. Presumably my vast psychic powers are coming back online. I remain parked firmly in the “show me the money” camp but it’s nice to see Our Fearless Leader at least making the effort to appear so.
On the flip side, the shrub had tv time today. Waterboarding is still okay. Er, something. I’m so happy he’s going to be clearing brush full time in eight days…..

Apparently, this blog comes up most frequently in google searches involving “liberal rants” – which is funny as if I’m liberal then the rest of you are fucked. (I never once said I’d clean the language up. I have to foster that illusion of small mindedness somehow. *snicker*) However, in a broad general sense I suppose wanting to bear Rachel Maddow’s love child(ren) puts me firmly in the Ivory Tower camp.

Oh, and this just in – Israel would like us all to know that most of it’s population agrees with it’s policies on Gaza – oh wait, that doesn’t include the Palestinian population does it?
Yeah, still calling bullshit on that. I expect non-Palestinians are voicing their objections….carefully.

And finally, Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson being given duties at inaugural concert Sunday ….. in a ‘too little too late’ measure to appease us TBLG folk no doubt. Sorry Obama-folk, try again.

* and one of about ten billion former owners of Live journal.


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 12, 2009.

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